How to Strengthen Your Legs – Safe Strength Exercises for Women

Safe leg strength exercises for women video is designed for strengthening, firming and toning your thighs, and buttocks and avoiding pelvic floor injury.

This physiotherapist video teaches three thigh and buttock strength exercises for women, with exercises and modifications designed to protect your pelvic floor.

Video suitability: general

Duration: 7 mins

Leg Strength Exercises Video Suitability

These video is suited to women in general including women seeking pelvic floor safe exercises to strengthen  legs and buttocks. These leg strength exercises for women are also modified for women with pelvic floor problems including:

  • Pelvic prolapse;
  • Incontinence problems;
  • Previous prolapse surgery; and
  • Exercise after hysterectomy.

The lower limb exercises included also aim to minimise knee pain with leg strength exercises. The exercises demonstrated require very little equipment and can all be performed in the privacy of the home.

Leg Strength Exercises Demonstrated

  • Ball wall squats using dumbbell weights and fit ball – this exercise will strengthen and tone the thighs and buttocks. Demonstration includes modification for pelvic floor safe exercise and to minimise knee pain.
  • Ball wall lunges using dumbbell weights and fit ball – this exercise will strengthen and tone the thighs and buttocks, and promote core control.
  • Mini squats using dumbbell weights without a fit ball- mini squats provide women with a safer alternative to traditional deep wide leg squat exercises regularly performed in the gym setting. Mini squats provide more protection for the knees and pelvic floor, while strengthening the thighs and buttocks.


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