Pelvic Exercise Videos and Information

Pelvic Exercise Videos and Information

Your complete library of pelvic exercise videos and information

The pelvic exercise resources below help you:

  • Exercise safely and effectively
  • Strengthen and feel great about your self
  • Avoid worsening pelvic floor problems
  • Relieve pelvic floor symptoms
  • Recover well after pelvic surgery

Expert Physiotherapy Exercise Videos and Information

Scroll through these pelvic exercise videos and information to start exercising now
Relieve constipation
Relieve Constipation in 3 Easy Steps (“MOO to POO”)
Neck stretches
Physio Neck Exercises – Stretch and Relieve Routine
Easy Core Exercises for Beginners Video – Home Routine
Lower Back Stretches Routine
Lower Back Stretches that Ease Morning Back Stiffness (Gentle Routine)
Best Kegel Exercise Posture
The Best Posture for Kegel Exercises That Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor
Straight Back
Posture Exercises for a Straight Back (Daily Physio Routine)
Sleeping positions after a hysterectomy
The Best Sleeping Positions After Hysterectomy (or Prolapse Surgery)
foam roller for back relief
How to Use a Foam Roller for Back Pain and Stiffness
Kegel Mistakes
The 5 Kegel Mistakes to Avoid (for Effective Pelvic Floor Exercises)
How to Modify Yoga after Hysterectomy
How to Modify Yoga after Hysterectomy or Pelvic Prolapse Surgery
Physio Chest Stretches for posture
2 Chest Stretches for Overcoming Rounded Shoulders
Upper Body Workout Video
Physio Safe Upper Body Workout for Pelvic Prolapse and After Surgery
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Pelvic Exercise Videos and Information for Women

Pelvic Exercises

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About Pelvic Exercises Content

All our content is produced and presented by Physical Therapist and author Michelle Kenway.

We aim to provide you with informative and user friendly content that’s easy to follow and relevant to your needs.


  • Our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy information is based on clinical experience and current research.
  • Many women world wide don’t have access to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy services, sometimes through lack of physical access or affordability. We provide you with free access to health professional information to help you exercise and care for your pelvic floor.
  • Some ladies prefer not to discuss their pelvic health issues with others and for this reason we have open comments on all of our pelvic exercise videos and information resources.
  • You’re most welcome to contribute to our online discussion using our comments section, or simply read through the experiences shared by other women.

We welcome your suggestions for future content via comments or contact page.


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