Weight Loss and Fitness Exercises


Weight loss and fitness exercises that help you:

  • Manage your body weight with pelvic floor safe exercises
  • Reduce your risk of pelvic floor strain
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness, overall health and endurance
hysterectomy exercise guidelines

Weight Loss and Fitness Exercises Start Here

Weight loss exercise

Best Exercise for Weight Loss that Avoids Prolapse Worsening

Here are the top 20 pelvic floor safe exercises for losing weight. These exercises are low impact and listed from most to least effective.

Prolapse Diet

Prolapse Diet Tips for Body Weight, Constipation & Gas

The food you eat can have a large impact on your overall prolapse management. Learn the best diet for weight loss, avoiding constipation and decreasing gas.

Running and prolapse

Prolapse and Running - Tips for Reducing Running Impact

Learn some great tips for how to reduce the impact of running so that it becomes less likely to worsen pelvic floor problems.

hysterectomy weight loss

Hysterectomy Weight Loss Exercise Guidelines

If you've had a hysterectomy and experienced weight gain, these guidelines will help you stay active after your surgery and exercise safely to manage your body weight.

best weight loss exercise

The 8 Second Secret to Abdominal Weight Loss Exercise

Here's how to reduce abdominal fat and trim your waist with pelvic floor safe exercise (no dieting involved!). This evidence based exercise is from the University NSW Fat Lab.

menopause weight gain

Menopause Weight Gain - Causes and Exercise Solutions

Do your clothes feel tight? Is your belly growing? Menopause causes weight gain in specific areas. These exercise solutions help you manage menopause weight gain.

Pelvic Floor Safe Workout Saver Pack

Inside Out eBook and video download are both available in this cost effective saver pack (also available in hard copy ).

Physiotherapist Guided Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises that help you:

  • Safely strengthen and tone your whole body
  • Manage your weight improve your fitness
  • Understand unsafe exercises to avoid
  • Choose pelvic floor safe exercises
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Increase lean muscle
  • Exercise with confidence