Michelle Kenway Physiotherapist

Michelle Kenway Physiotherapist

Michelle Kenway is an Australian Physiotherapist and author of the international best selling series of Inside Out – Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise books and videos.

Michelle’s comprehensive experience spans acute hospital settings, private practice, and community outreach. Her deep commitment to advancing women’s health and exercise is highlighted by her leadership in national continence and exercise program initiatives and her role in educating health professionals and medical specialists world-wide.

Michelle’s YouTube Michelle KenwayYouTube channel www.youtube.com/@michellephysio has received in excess of 120 million views to date.

Michelle has a unique understanding of the health and fitness challenges confronting women and men through their various life stages. She has presented and contributed to radio and visual media productions globally.

Michelle’s voluntary work has included hospital-based cancer patient education and exercise along with extensive community group education. Michelle is proudly associated with the Continence Foundation of Australia. She was one of the first physiotherapists involved in the Pelvic Floor First Australian Federal Government pelvic floor safe exercise initiative. Michelle has also lectured to fitness professionals in mainstream fitness for their professional accreditation.

Michelle conducts weekly pelvic floor safe exercise classes for women for physical rehabilitation, strength training, bone health, breast cancer along with stretching and relaxation exercises. Her exercise class participants include women with physical and emotional challenges related to:

  • Pelvic floor problems
  • Post-operative pelvic floor surgery
  • Osteoporosis
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Breast cancer
  • General health problems including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Why Pelvic Exercises was Founded

Many men and women worldwide can’t access Women’s Health or Men’s Health Physiotherapy information.

Pelvic Exercises was founded by Michelle Kenway to help men and women access quality health professional information about exercising safely and effectively with pelvic floor problems. She set about making this information freely available to through her news media articles, online videos and her internationally acclaimed pelvic floor safe exercise program Inside Out

The popularity of Michelle’s articles and videos has helped to develop a worldwide community of like-minded exercising individuals, exercise instructors and health professionals who recognize the importance of pelvic floor safe exercise for women and men.

Michelle is committed to providing women and men with access to quality professional information and support, to help them exercise appropriately regardless of physical limitations, age or stage of life.

Professional Qualifications

Bachelor Applied Science Physiotherapy (Distinction) University of Sydney NSW

Diploma of Education University of NSW

Post Graduate Diploma Exercise for Women University of Melbourne Victoria

Post Graduate Diploma Continence and Women’s Health Curtin University Western Australia

Professional Registrations

Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)

Continence and Women’s Health Group (APA)

Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA)

Physiotherapy Board of Australia (Current 1996-2019)

Involvement Professional Associations

Australian Physiotherapy Association In Motion Magazine – contributor

Continence Foundation of Australia (Australian Government) – lecturing community groups, contributor to online website material

Pelvic Floor First Australia (Australian Government) – lecturing community groups, contributor to online website material, member of founding group

Mater Private Hospital QLD – lecturing community groups, medical specialists and allied health groups

Jean Hailes Foundation – lecture community group

Publications by Michelle Kenway

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