What’s The Best Pelvic Floor Exercises Position?

Do you know the best position to strengthen your pelvic floor? Pelvic floor exercises position

Are you getting results from your pelvic floor exercises?

The position you choose for your pelvic floor exercises helps determine the success of your training.

Read on now to learn the best pelvic floor exercise position for:

  • Beginners pelvic floor exercises
  • Intermediate-advanced pelvic floor exercises

A. Best Beginners Pelvic Floor Exercise Position

The best position for pelvic floor exercises for beginners is that position where you can best feel your pelvic floor muscles working.

Your initial focus should be on feeling your pelvic floor muscles squeezing and lifting inwards before lowering down and relaxing.

If your pelvic floor is weak you may find that you can best feel your pelvic floor exercises in antigravity positions.

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1. What are antigravity positions? Pelvic floor exercises lying

Antigravity positions are those positions where you don’t lift your pelvic floor muscles against the downward force of gravity.

Antigravity positions for pelvic floor exercises:

  • Lying down; either on your side, back or tummy
  • Kneeling on all fours.

Antigravity positions can assist when recommencing pelvic floor exercises after pelvic surgery for prolapse, hysterectomy or bladder control.

Women returning to pelvic floor exercises with pelvic pain conditions can also benefit from starting their training lying down.

2. Upright positions for beginners

Some beginners can start their pelvic floor exercises in upright positions i.e. sitting or standing.

It’s important to remember to start upright only when you can feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting using the correct action.

Pelvic floor exercises sittingB. Best Intermediate-Advanced Pelvic Floor Exercise Position

At this stage you’ll feel confident in using the correct pelvic floor exercise technique when training.

The best positions for intermediate to advanced pelvic floor exercises are upright positions.

Upright positions for pelvic floor exercises include:

  • Sitting with your back unsupported (i.e. on a stool, away from the back of a chair, on an exercise ball)
  • Standing with correct upright posture.

Why Is Upright The Best Pelvic Floor Exercises Position?

1. Lifting against gravity

Lifting your pelvic floor muscles against the downwards force of gravity will help you train stronger pelvic floor muscles than doing all your training lying down.

Your pelvic floor muscles work harder and perform more work when you’re upright compared with lying down.

2. Strengthening for everyday activities

Women need their pelvic floor muscles to work well when they’re upright.

To train your pelvic floor to work well while you’re upright, you need to train them when you are in an upright position. Pelvic floor exercises standing

Doing all your pelvic floor exercises lying down will help to promote good pelvic floor function for lying down but won’t provide most benefit for your everyday upright activities.

3. Progressing strengthening

Upright positions are ideal for progressing from lying down pelvic floor exercises.

When you feel you’re managing your lying down exercises well, progress to either sitting and/or standing exercises.

Upright provides additional challenge for further strengthening and helps you train your pelvic floor muscles to work well during your everyday upright activities.

Key Points: The Best Pelvic Floor Exercises Position

The best pelvic floor exercises position often depends on your stage of strengthening.

To get the most benefit from your pelvic floor exercises:

  • If you’re a beginner, start in the position you can best feel your pelvic floor exercises and progress to upright as soon as you feel capable of doing so.
  • If you’re intermediate to advanced level, choose upright positions over lying down to help you maximise your pelvic floor strength and everyday function.
  • Try to perform your pelvic floor exercises in upright positions as soon as you’re confident to do so.

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