Kegel Video – Advanced Kegel Exercise Workout for Women

This Advanced Kegel Video Workout is Episode 5 in  our Kegel video series.

Advanced Kegel video workout guides you through:

  • Advanced pelvic floor strengthening positions and techniques
  • How many Kegel exercises you need to get results

Video duration: 13 minutes

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Kegel Exercises Video Series

Who is this Advanced Kegel Video Suited to?

Advanced kegel exercises are best suited to women who can perform the correct basic kegel exercise technique and are seeking to progress their pelvic floor strength.

Women starting out with Kegel exercises seeking a basic pelvic strengthening workout routine should refer to our Beginners Kegel Workout Video.

Kegel Video Content

1. Posture Set for Kegel Exercises

Set your upright posture for most effective strengthening by attending to your posture first and foremost. Start by lifting the crown of your head to the ceiling and ensuring that you maintain the small inward curve in your lower back throughout your exercises.

2. Advanced Kegel Exercise Technique

Basic Kegel exercises can be progressed by using the strongest possible voluntary effort with every kegel exercise you perform. It is vital to maintain the correct technique throughout and avoid bulging down rather than lifting and squeezing the muscles in and around all your pelvic openings.

Correct advanced Kegel technique involves:

  • Breathing normally throughout your exercises
  • Avoiding strong abdominal bracing
  • Maintaining relaxed buttock and thigh muscles
  • Maintaining the inward curve in your lower back throughout your exercises
  • Completely relaxing your pelvic floor muscles after every effort
  • Resting briefly to recover before your next kegel exercise
  • 3-4 strong quick pelvic floor muscle contractions for maximal contraction and strengthening of your pelvic floor muscles.

3. Best Positions for Advanced Kegel Exercises

Advanced Kegels are best performed in upright positions. When the pelvic floor muscles are contracted in upright sitting and standing positions they are required to lift up against the downward load of the abdomen combine with the effect of gravity.

This contrasts to pelvic floor exercises performed lying down where there is decreased load on the pelvic floor and gravity does not increase pelvic floor muscle loading. This is one reason why lying down may feel easier for some women when first starting out.

One major benefit of upright kegel exercise is that it trains the pelvic floor muscles to work in functional upright positions – these are the positions where most women need their pelvic floor to be functioning best. This is another reason why it can be important to progress Kegel exercises from lying down to upright positions when you feel confident in your correct exercise technique.

Advanced Kegel exercise positions include:

  • Sitting (exercise ball or chair)
  • Standing (feet together, feet apart, stride position).

4. Exercise Quantity for Advanced Strengthening

  • Activate your pelvic floor muscles strongly for 3-10 second holds every contraction
  • Repeat up to 8-12 repetitions of kegel exercises in a row for 1 set of exercise
  • Add up to 4 quick strong contractions or pulses when your pelvic floor muscles are maximally contracted for four of these kegel exercises
  • Repeat a total of 3 sets of 8-12 kegel exercises daily.

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