Elliptical Machine Workout Tips For Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise

Do you use an elliptical machine?

Is the elliptical machine pelvic floor friendly?

The elliptical machine (or cross trainer) is an effective low impact alternative to high impact exercises for fitness and weight management. These Physio tips help you keep your elliptical training pelvic floor safe.

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What Are The Benefits Of Elliptical Machine Training?

Some of the benefits of including the elliptical machine in your regular workout:

  • Protection for your joints and your pelvic floor since low impact fitness exercise avoids impact-associated strain and injury
  • Aerobic fitness training for your heart and lungs
  • Calorie burning for weight loss exercise and management
  • Muscle strengthening for thighs, buttocks, chest and arms depending upon whether resistance is used with the handles.


Tips For Pelvic Floor Safe Elliptical Machine Training


Keep the resistance through your arms and legs manageable for your individual strength and fitness.

If the resistance is too low you may need to step too quickly and your stride may become too large to manage. If the resistance is too heavy you may need to push down forcefully through your legs and arms.


Maintain good upright posture when using the elliptical machine. Good upright posture involves keeping your chest raised forwards, shoulders relaxed and spine lengthened – avoid slumping forward, chest lifted.

Poor slumped forwards posture decreases the effectiveness of the core muscles, increases pressure on the pelvic floor and the spine.

Handle Grip

Use light grip on the elliptical handles (if your machine has handles). Use the handles for gentle assistance with your balance rather than supporting your bodyweight.

Stride Length

Keep your stride length comfortable for your body avoiding strides that are too long or short.

Optimal stride length helps you maintain a smooth regular rhythm with your stepping and avoids jolting and jarring.

Side Rails

Avoid using side rails to support your body weight. Supporting your body weight through your arms decreases the fitness benefits and increases the likelihood of strain through the wrists and pelvic floor.

Knee Safety

If you’re prone to knee pain try to keep your strides small and your knees from tracking too far forwards when stepping. Long stride length on the elliptical machine increases the risk of knee injury.

Choose Variety

Using a variety of pelvic floor safe gym equipment can helps you avoid pelvic floor strain and overuse injuries. Some unsafe gym equipment can increase the risk of pelvic floor strain and injury.

Choosing a variety of equipment increases the effectiveness of your training for fitness and weight management.

Variety in your exercise program also helps you stay motivated and avoid boredom in your routine.

Key Points For Pelvic Floor Safe Elliptical Machine Training

Elliptical machine provides most women with a low impact alternative for pelvic floor safe exercise.

Optimise the safety of your workout with:

  • Manageable resistance
  • Good upright posture
  • Relaxed handle grip
  • Appropriate of knee tracking
  • Incorporating the elliptical machine with a variety of low impact pelvic floor safe exercise equipment.

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