12 Practical Kegel Exercises Reminders For Busy Women

Do you need some easy Kegel Exercises reminders? Is your life just too busy to find the time?

You’re not alone! Most women say that when it comes to pelvic floor strengthening, finding the time and remembering to do their Kegels are some of their biggest challenges.

These 12 practical Kegel exercises reminders help you find the time you need and remember to get your Kegels done.

12 Practical Kegel Exercises Reminders for Busy Women

It isn’t enough to do a few Kegel exercises now and then. Just like gym-based muscle strengthening, pelvic floor strengthening requires the right amount of Kegel exercise.

You don’t need to do your Kegels all at once. You can spread your training throughout your day using these Kegel exercises reminders to help you do the right amount of training.

1. When You First Wake Up

Kegel Exercises Reminders When You Wake

Do a set of Kegel exercises lying in bed when you wake up before doing anything else in your day. Feel good about yourself for having started your day in a positive way.

2. Morning Coffee Break

Whether you’re sitting in the coffee shop or waiting for the water to boil, your morning coffee break is an ideal time to complete a set of Kegel exercises.

3. Stopped at Traffic Lights

When the lights are on red, sit upright with your back unsupported by the car seat to use the best posture for a set of pelvic floor exercises.

4. Travelling to Work


Kegel Exercises Reminders Travelling

Commuting on the bus or train or taxi travelling to and from work gives you plenty of opportunity to complete your daily Kegel workout.

5. Feeding your Baby

Feeding your baby or nursing your grandchild is a great reminder to do your Kegels throughout your day, and especially for busy mums on the go.

6. Standing in Queue

Waiting in a queue becomes an opportunity rather wasted time by doing your Kegels while you wait.

7. Waiting for Your Appointment


Kegel Exercises Reminders in the Waiting Room

Is your doctor or dentist running late again? Sitting in the waiting room is an ideal opportunity to do your Kegels. Sit tall and move forward away from the back of the chair for best strengthening results.

8. Standing at the Photocopier

Waiting at the photocopier is an ideal time to practice a set of standing Kegel exercises.

9. During TV Advertisements

Complete a set of seated Kegels during the advertisement breaks of your favourite TV show.

10. When Your Alarm Signals

Kegel Exercises Reminders Apps


Set a phone alarm (or desktop alarm) as a handy reminder to do 3 sets of Kegels throughout your day.

11. Download the Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegels) Daily Workout

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You can download the Physical Therapist guided Pelvic Floor Exercises Daily Workout audio to your mobile device and start your Kegels now.

Ideal for beginners and intermediate strengthening, this complete Kegels workout guides you through every exercise to get real results.


12. Kegel Exercises Reminder App

Some free Kegel Exercises Apps have inbuilt reminders. Download a free Kegel Exercises App to your mobile device to remind you. Here’s a handy list of Kegel Apps from the IUGA (International Urogynaecological Association)

Which Kegel exercises reminders work for you? Do you have a reminder that’s not on this list?

I‘d love to hear your thoughts in comments below

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