How to do Kegel Exercises Video

Learn how to do Kegel Exercises in this pelvic floor physiotherapist video.

This Kegel video shows you some practical steps used in clinical practice to teach patients to feel Kegel exercises.

Scroll down below this video for more written guidelines for how to kegel.

How to do Kegel Exercises Video

One of the biggest problems women have is knowing whether they’re doing their Kegels exercises correctly.

This Kegel exercises video shows 3 simple ways to feel your Kegels. Getting your exercise technique right from the start is vital for gaining the most benefit from your exercises and not making your problems worse.

Where are your Pelvic Muscles?

Your pelvic floor muscles are in and around where you sit. They’re like a trampoline that extends between your sit bones (side to side) and your pubic bone to your tailbone (front to back).

Your pelvic floor muscle wrap inside and around your 3 pelvic openings which are your vagina, anus and urethra (urine tube opening).

What do Kegel Exercises Feel Like?

Kegel exercises feel as though you’re squeezing and lifting in and around your 3 pelvic openings. You may feel a tightening sensation around these openings and in your lower abdomen. This is completely normal.

Try not to feel too discouraged if you can’t feel your Kegels well especially when you’re starting out.

It’s often really hard and frustrating to feel your Kegel exercises, especially if your pelvic floor muscles are weak or if you’ve never done Kegel exercises before.

Remember that correct Kegels don’t involve your buttocks squeezing (or your eyebrows lifting for that matter). Try to avoid these common pelvic floor mistakes. Your buttocks and thighs should remain relaxed during your exercises.

3 Simple Ways to Feel your Kegel Exercises

  • Touch area between your anus and vagina (your perineum). Your perineum should move upwards or inwards when you contract your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Place your hands over your lower abdominal muscles. Try to imagine drawing your pelvic bones towards each other and feel a gentle inward movement of your lower abdomen.
  • Feel the walls inside your vagina. The back wall should move forwards and the side walls should squeeze together and lift inwards when you contract your pelvic floor muscles.

How to use these 3 Kegels Techniques?

There’s no one single correct technique for feeling your Kegels, all women are different. Try each of these 3 techniques to know which one works best for you.

You may need to use the technique that helps you quite frequently for some feedback when you’re starting out.

You’ll soon find that you can feel your Kegels without needing feedback after a few weeks of practice. Then you can use your chosen technique to occasionally check your technique if you need to.

If you’re still having problems doing your Kegel exercises after watching this video and trying these techniques, you may seek an appointment to assist you further.

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