Safe Arm Toning Exercises for Women Online Video

These 3 simple arm toning exercises for women will help you tone and strengthen your upper arms safely.

This Physiotherapist video shows you three effective upper arm toning exercises for women to do seated in the gymball:

  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Rotator cuff (back of shoulder)

These 3 exercises incorporate techniques and positions intended to reduce the likelihood of neck, shoulder and pelvic floor strain.

Video duration: 7 minutes

Please scroll down below video for more information on pelvic floor safe arm toning exercises for women.

Note to ensure the smooth viewing of the video, it is recommended that you press on this play arrow and then when the video starts loading you press the ‘pause’ button until you can see that the entire video has loaded. This will help avoid the video stopping to load while you watch.

Arm Toning Exercises for Women Features

  • Three upper arm strength and tone exercises;
  • Exercises designed to minimise pelvic floor strain;
  • Dumbbell hand weights and a fit ball or chair exercises; and
  • Correct techniques that minimise the risk of shoulder and neck injury.

Included Arm Toning Exercises for Women 

1Bicep curls – bicep curls strengthen and tone the muscles at the front of the upper arms;

3Triceps extensions – triceps extensions are exercises specifically to strengthen and tone the back of the upper ams;

2Rotator cuff exercises – strengthen and tone the back of arms, shoulders and upper middle back.

If you have pelvic floor dysfunction including pelvic prolapse symptoms, after a hysterectomy and after prolapse surgery be very cautious about the strength exercises you perform and the safe strength training techniques that you use.

Inappropriate strength exercises can increase your risk of worsening your pelvic floor problems and/or make your symptoms worse.

Arm Toning Exercises Suitability

Those who will benefit from instruction in safe techniques are toning exercises for women:

  • Women seeking professional  instruction in upper arm strengthening and toning exercises;
  • Women returning to exercises after a hysterectomy;
  • Women with prolapse and after prolapse surgery seeking pelvic floor safe strength exercises;
  • Women prone to neck and/or shoulder problems wit strengthening and toning exercises.

Inside Out Book & DVDABOUT THE AUTHOR, Michelle Kenway

Michelle Kenway is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and author of Inside Out – the Essential Women’s Guide to Pelvic Support, along with Dr Judith Goh Urogynaecologist. The Inside Out exercise DVD and book show women how to strengthen the pelvic floor and exercise effectively with pelvic floor safe exercises.

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