The Best Exercise for Weight Loss that Avoids Prolapse Worsening

weight loss exercise

Are you unsure about choosing the best exercise for weight loss with prolapse or after prolapse surgery?  Weight loss exercise with prolapse issues is often disheartening – especially if you’ve been advised to avoid the high impact exercises you previously used for weight control. You may be very surprised at how effectively the pelvic floor […]

Simple Physiotherapy Prolapse Surgery Exercises and Recovery Techniques

Prolapse surgery recovery exercises

Your prolapse surgery recovery can be improved by knowing these simple prolapse surgery exercises and techniques. This article provides you with Physiotherapy exercises for prolapse surgery recovery that will help you move with ease, reduce discomfort and avoid some of the unwanted side effects or surgery. Promote your prolapse surgery recovery with these prolapse surgery […]

Prolapse Surgery – Tips for Prolapse Surgery Recovery and Success

Bladder Prolapse Exercises

Prolapse surgery and your approach to your prolapse recovery, can set you up for a lifetime of positive habits, and enhanced health and wellbeing … and help you avoid having to do it all again! View your surgery as the first step towards a healthy body, as the perfect opportunity to learn about safe exercise […]