Kegels for Men Video – Complete Beginners Guide

Do you think these exercises are Kegels for men? The answer is NO! This is a Bridge exercise for strengthening the gluteal (buttock) muscles. Doing this exercise will waste your time if you’re trying to improve bladder and bowel control or overcome erectile dysfunction. Kegels for men video teaches you the correct way to do […]

How to Kegel for Men – Professional Guide to Kegel Strength Exercises

‘How to Kegel for Men’ is a Physical Therapist online video that guides men through Kegel exercises for improving pelvic floor strength and control. Many men experience pelvic floor problems including poor bladder control, sexual problems and rectal prolapse support issues however professional exercise information is not always readily available. This how to Kegel video […]

10 Physiotherapy Techniques that Relieve Pelvic Floor Muscle Tension and Pelvic Pain

Pelvic floor muscle tension can be a debilitating condition that may have far reaching effects upon a woman’s life including her intimate relationships. Physiotherapists seem to be treating increasing numbers of women with pelvic pain caused by pelvic floor muscle tension or overactive pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic Floor Exercises – Pelvic Floor Physio Proven Workout Formula

Pelvic floor exercises are exercises to improve pelvic floor muscle strength and fitness. This Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist information teaches you the proven guidelines for how to exercise for better strength and control of pelvic floor muscles with: Pelvic floor daily strength exercise guidelines; Pelvic floor exercises for quick control (for cough and sneeze); How long […]

Pelvic Exercises for Men – Health Professional Guidelines

Pelvic exercises for men are exercises to help men achieve and maintain healthy pelvic floor muscles. The following Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy techniques teach men how to locate the pelvic floor muscles and strengthen for improved erectile function, continence and rectal prolapse support. Read on now to learn about: Pelvic exercises for men; The male pelvic […]

Rectal Prolapse Exercises – How to Exercise and Improve Rectal Support

Rectal prolapse exercises can reduce rectal prolapse symptoms and improve support. Expert health professional article on exercises to choose and avoid.

Read on to learn the following for rectal prolapse support:
definition of rectal prolapse
what causes a rectal prolapse?
what are the signs and symptoms of a rectal prolapse?
how to improve rectal prolapse support
how to reduce rectal prolapse strain – and stay in good shape