How to Kegel for Men – Professional Guide to Kegel Strength Exercises

kegel exercises for men

‘How to Kegel for Men’ is a Physical Therapist online video that guides men through Kegel exercises for improving pelvic floor strength and control.

Many men experience pelvic floor problems including poor bladder control, sexual problems and rectal prolapse support issues however professional exercise information is not always readily available.

This how to Kegel video is designed to help men by showing them how to kegel and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles effectively.

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How to Kegel for Men DVD

How to Kegel for Men video guides you step by step through:

  • How to find pelvic floor muscles
  • How to activate pelvic floor muscles
  • How to feel correct Kegel exercises
  • How to progress Kegel exercises
  • Daily exercise guidelines for most effective pelvic floor strengthening.

Pelvic Floor Exercises for MenFor further information refer to Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men daily exercise guidelines or refer to Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men DVD

Video duration: 5 minutes

We welcome your questions about Kegel Exercises

How to Kegel for Men Suitability

This video is designed for men seeking professional exercise information. Kegel exercises for men can help to:

  • Improve bladder and bowel control
  • Improve erectile function to help overcome some sexual problems
  • Improve pelvic floor support for rectal prolapse in men
  • Improve spinal support in men with chronic low back pain
  • Prepare and recover from prostate surgery.

How to Kegel for Men Content

The pelvic floor in men is located at the base of the pelvis. The male genitals sit below the pelvic floor muscles which sling like a hammock from the tailbone, and between the sit bones from side to side. There are two pelvic openings in the male pelvic floor; for the urethra (urine tube) and the anus.

What does a Kegel Exercise for Men Feel Like?

When you do a Kegel exercise in a man it feels like all these happening together:

  • Stopping the flow of urine
    Upward lifting of the testes
    Upward lifting and tightening of the anus.

How to Kegel for Men and Feel the Correct Action

When learning how to Kegel, any of these techniques may help you to feel the correct action:

  • When you next visit the bathroom, try to stop or slow the flow of urine – this action uses your pelvic floor muscles (practice this once a week only as a test, not as a Kegel exercise and avoid this technique if you have bladder emptying problems.
  • Imagine you need to avoid passing gas in public – try to lift and squeeze the muscles around your anus.
  • Stand side on to a full length mirror – when you correctly activate your pelvic floor muscles you should see your penis slightly retract (draw inwards) and your testes lift upwards.
  • Try doing your kegel exercises lying down on your side or on your back if you have difficulty feeling your exercises upright.

Daily Exercise Guidelines for Kegel Exercises for Strengthening

To strengthen your pelvic floor and regain strength and control start with what you can comfortably manage using the correct technique:

1. Try to do your Kegel exercises daily
2. Do your Kegels in the position you can best feel them
3. Activate your pelvic floor muscles for 3-10 seconds
4. Slowly relax your pelvic floor muscles and rest briefly
5. Repeat your Kegels up to 8-12 times in a row resting between attempts
6. Aim to do Kegel Exercises three times a day.

How to Progress Your Kegel Strength Exercises

When you are confident you are doing the correct Kegel exercise technique the following tips will help you maximise your strength:

1. Try to increase the strength of every contraction – this means as strong a contraction as possible and maintaining the correct Kegel technique
2. Hold your Kegel exercises for longer – up to 10 seconds at a time
3. Perform more Kegels – between 8-12 repetitions, 3 times daily
4. Do your kegel exercises is upright positions when you can, especially standing upright
5. Use your Kegels before and during every cough, sneeze or lift to support and protect your pelvic floor, and decrease bladder leakage.

How Long Will it Take to Improve?

If your pelvic floor muscles are weak, it can take 5-6 months of strengthening to recover your pelvic floor strength with regular Kegel exercises. Some men start to notice improvements after a couple of weeks of regular kegel exercises. Ultimately this will vary according to your pelvic floor condition, and how diligent you are with your Kegels.

Inside Out Book and DVD Saver PackABOUT THE AUTHOR, Michelle Kenway

Michelle Kenway is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and author of Inside Out – the Essential Women’s Guide to Pelvic Support. The Inside Out exercise DVD and book show women how to strengthen the pelvic floor and exercise effectively with pelvic floor safe exercises.


  1. Judith Donnely says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Happy New Year and thanks for the newsletters.
    I am in total agreement with what you have said re PFM training exercises for men but my first reaction was discomfort when I saw you had referred to them as Kegel exercises. I believe this is more of an American name ( after Dr Kegel who described them in the late 1940s) and over the years I have needed to explain to people that Kegel’s and PFM training exercises are the same thing . I think it is clear what we are talking about if we describe them specifically and therefore less ambiguous for the community. A minor point I know but when I saw the space for comment I thought I would make one.

    • Michelle Kenway says:

      Hi Judith
      Thanks so much for your comment – yes I understand that in Australia and the UK the term “pelvic floor exercises” is preferred, however this site has many readers based in the US and surrounds who understand “kegel exercises” more readily, and in fact have sometimes never heard of “pelvic floor exercises”. So online I use both descriptions so that all readers can find information that is relevant and has meaning for them. If the site was confined to Austrlian readers, then I would adhere to “pelvic floor exercises”. Hope this clears up any confusion.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I have gone through all the videos and articles shared by you on “Youtube” and the website “”. I found these stuffs quite good. I need your suggestion regarding one problem. For the last one or two weeks i am not feeling
    that much speed in ejaculation (it DRIBBLES). Is it fine or something wrong with the whole ejaculation process?
    Earlier it did not dribble and i was quite satisfied. Now i am too much worried as i am just 27 year old and still unmarried.
    Is Kegel/pelvic floor exercise helpful in the above mentioned problem? Kindly help me out. By the way i would like to inform you that i am doing the kegel/pelvic exercise regularly.


    • Michelle Kenway says:

      Hi Sandy
      As I understand it, the volume or amount of semen affects the ejaculation speed, as does any obstruction. I cannot tell you whether pelvic floor exercises can improve decreased volume, I am inclined to think that this is more of an issue with semen production or something affecting the semen flow rate – this is a medical issue that you should get screened with your doctor to ensure that nothing is obstructing the flow. I hope this provides you with some direction Sandy, best of luck. Michelle

  3. hello MICHELLE,
    by reading n learning how clear your concepts are; i think you can really help me out.
    i am a gynaec intern and theres my own prob that i am helpless at.
    my hubby is sufferring from some sort of erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculations since 4 to 6months . he is very very hesitant to visit for a dr. will kegel exercises really help him out ? he has left all his addiction since 6 months and does seem to hv any apparent renal,cardiac or any genito-urinary prob. his age is 30 with 90kg weight.
    he has taken lots of pantoprazole tabs fr his grade 1 oesophagitis. does hv any side effect? please guide me. hoping for reply. thnk you

    • Michelle Kenway says:

      Hi Marie
      Thanks for your question. I ran a search on Pantoprazole and appears that only very small % of individuals will suffer impotence as a result, maybe check MIMS on this to confirm in your own mind. You mention addiction and as you will know, drugs/alcohol can both have effects on erectile function some more longer lasting than others. This would be worth investigating in terms of his previous addiction and the longevity of effects.

      As far as Kegels go, yes they can help out with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. When the pelvic floor muscles are injured or weakened in men they lose the capacity to maintain the blood that engorges the corpus cavernosa during erection. As a result the blood is allowed to escape and erection is lost. By increasing the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles in men, erection can be maintained. This can take time, especially if the pelvic floor muscles have been weakened.The idea is to get the technique right from the start, and then gradually progress from lying down to standing up contractions when possible. The key is to make contractions really strong when sure of correct technique.

      Hope this helps a little …I understand the difficulties you face in this situation. The Pelvic Floor Exercise DVD for Men is an excellent and inexpensive resource for men – shows them exactly what to do and how.
      Best of luck

  4. sorry , i mean he doesnt have any systemic problem
    his liver,kidney,thyroid functions are within normal limits

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