The 15 Best Weight Control Exercises (Pelvic Floor Friendly)

  What are the best pelvic floor friendly weight control exercises to choose? Especially during holiday season when you may be eating and drinking a little more than usual! Doing the same exercise routine day in, day out isn’t the best way to control your weight. Some aerobic fitness exercises are far more effective than […]

Stationary Bike Set Up for Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise and Weight Loss

Are you frustrated with being unable to exercise for fitness and weight loss? Stationary bike might be the solution! Stationary cycling provides low impact cardiovascular fitness and weight management exercise that helps avoid pelvic floor overload. In this video Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway shows you how to set up your stationary bike and ride to help […]

How to Modify Curves Gym Exercises to Avoid Prolapse Worsening

Are Curves gym exercises safe with a prolapse? Do you want to exercise at Curves and protect your pelvic floor? Many women ask about the safety of Curves exercises for their pelvic floor to avoid prolapse worsening or repeat prolapse after surgery. If you’re trying to exercise safely with a prolapse or after prolapse surgery […]