10 Pilates Exercises To Avoid For Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises

Are you unsure about which Pilates exercises to avoid? Unfortunately some classical Pilates exercises may increase your risk of pelvic floor problems. This information helps you continue to enjoy the benefits of Pilates by knowing which intense core abdominal exercises you may need to modify or avoid. Every woman has her own individual pelvic floor […]

Pilates and Pelvic Floor – Is Pilates Core Exercise Right for You?

Pilates and Pelvic Floor information by Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Jenny Tweedie. Many thanks to Jenny for sharing her Pilates and pelvic floor expertise with us. Jenny writes … Pilates has received mixed reviews over many years depending on where you read about it. You may hear claims by many models, celebrities and entertainers that […]

Pelvic Exercises Physiotherapy


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