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Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women

 Pelvic floor exercises, videos and information helping you safely recover your fitness living with prolapse, after prolapse surgery, hysterectomy or postpartum.


Latest Pelvic Floor Exercises Videos and Information:

Latest Exercise Information

The 2 Key Causes of Core Dysfunction you Must Fix (for Effective Core Training)

Core dysfunction isn't caused by weak abdominal muscles. Poor abdominal control is usually only part of core dysfunction. There are 2 key elements underlying core dysfunction. Knowing and addressing these 2 key causes is vital for anyone living … [Read More...]

12 Physiotherapy Exercises You Want to Know When Preparing for Hysterectomy

Preparing for hysterectomy with these Physiotherapy exercises helps you improve your recovery speed and reduce your risk of some common problems after hysterectomy. 1. Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegels) Hysterectomy may increase the risk of pelvic … [Read More...]

Pelvic Exercise Videos

Best Physio Positions to do Kegel Exercise for Pregnant Women (Video)

Kegel exercise for pregnant women keeps the pelvic floor in good shape. This Physiotherapist video shows you the best positions to do Kegel exercises through-out your pregnancy. Suitability: During pregnancy Video duration: 4 mins Please … [Read More...]

4 Best Positions to do Kegel Exercises Video – Kegels Physical Therapy for Beginners

Are you a beginner looking for the best position to do Kegel exercises? The position you choose to do your Kegels can make a big difference to your training success. This 'Best Position to do Kegels' video is presented by Pelvic Floor … [Read More...]

Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises for Women

  • One of the biggest challenges facing women living with pelvic floor problems is knowing how to exercise safely. Unfortunately many women don't know how to exercise safely with prolapse problems, after hysterectomy or continence surgery.
  • Some women cease exercising altogether and miss out on the tremendous physical and emotional benefits of exercise. Others continue with exercise programs that are unsafe for their pelvic floor, worsening problems such as prolapse or incontinence.
  • Pelvic exercises is a Physical Therapist site dedicated to helping women with pelvic floor problems exercise safely with accessible, trustworthy and reliable health professional information.

Where to Start Your Exercises?

  • Our information and exercise videos are freely available to help all women.
  • If you're looking for information on specific exercises simply enter your search term e.g. "Yoga exercises" into the search bar to the right of your screen.
  • Alternatively you can find exercise information by clicking on the categories listed in the 2 menus to the right of your screen - Pelvic Exercises Library and Online Pelvic Exercise Videos.

Pelvic Exercises Content

Pelvic Exercises content includes exercise videos and information for:

  • Pelvic floor safe strength (gym), core and fitness
  • Group exercises including Yoga and Pilates
  • Exercising safely with a prolapse
  • How to avoid prolapse worsening
  • Returning to exercise after prolapse surgery
  • Pelvic floor safe core exercises
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Hysterectomy recovery exercises
  • Exercises after childbirth
  • Bladder and bowel management
  • Pelvic floor strengthening
  • Pelvic floor relaxation
  • Finding a pelvic floor safe exercise provider near you.

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