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Strengthen your pelvic floor and return to exercise safely with professional guidance to help you recover from prolapse, prolapse surgery, after hysterectomy and following childbirth.

Pelvic floor safe exercises and information suited to women of all ages and fitness levels.

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Here are our some of our latest exercise videos and information to help you exercise and stay in shape.

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Exercise Motivation for Women – This Girl Can & So Can You!

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Pelvic Exercise Videos

resistance band exercises video

Resistance Band Exercises for Core Strengthening

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Pelvic floor relaxation exercises video

Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises to Relieve Pelvic Pain

Is pelvic pain and spasm ruling your life? Have you tried pelvic floor relaxation exercises? Regular pelvic floor relaxation exercises can help relieve painful muscle spasm long-term. This video presented by Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist … [Read More...]