Daily POSTURE STRETCH that Stops Slouching Forward | Physiotherapy Beginners – Very Advanced (Video)

Posture stretch

Daily posture stretch video for overcoming slumped posture with Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway.

Improve your upper body posture with one simple posture correction exercise. These posture stretches relieve back stiffness and release tight chest and shoulder muscles that contribute to poor slumped forward posture.

This posture stretch is ideal to use as a daily home posture correction exercise. It’s beneficial when incorporated into a work or study break. This is an ideal exercise into your regular exercise routine.

Posture Stretch Video Suitability

This all in one physiotherapy posture stretch video suits:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Posture Stretch Time Stamps

0:20 Beginners stretch

2:11 Intermediate stretch

2:44 Advanced stretch

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What Causes Poor Posture?

1. Muscle shortening

poor posture

Prolonged bending forwards when sitting or standing can cause your upper body to become slouched and slumped.

Slumped forward posture results in:

  • Tight and shortened chest, shoulder, hip flexor and outer abdominal muscles
  • Spinal stiffness (upper and middle back)

2. Postural muscle weakness

Weakness in the postural muscles contributes to slumped posture.

Postural muscles include:

Posture Correction Exercises

Posture correction exercise

Whole body posture correction exercises include:

Posture Stretch for Beginners

This beginners stretching exercise overcomes upper body muscle shortening and spinal stiffness caused by slumped forward posture.

Posture Stretch Starting Position

  • Start lying on your back with your knees bent
  • Position a rolled towel horizontally on the supporting surface
  • Lie down on the rolled towel so the towel roll sits horizontally beneath your shoulder blades (approximately level with the bra strap for women)
  • Grasp a towel, stretch band or dowel rod with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart

V Stretch

This stretch lengthens chest and shoulder muscles and releases spinal joint stiffness.

  • Inhale and extend both arms to reach the towel in front of your chest towards the ceiling
  • Exhale as you reach and extend both arms backwards over your head
  • Move both arms backwards towards the ground above your head
  • Keep the stretch within your range of comfort
  • Inhale and return the arms to the starting position

T Stretch

This posture stretch lengthens tight chest and shoulders while releasing spinal stiffness

  • Start in the same stretching position already described for the V stretch
  • Keep your arms extended over your head in the V Stretch position
  • Bend your elbows to 90 degrees as you exhale
  • Try to keep your shoulders, elbows and wrists in contact with the supporting surface
  • Return to the V stretch starting position by extending your elbows straight

Repeat up to 10 posture exercises within your range of personal comfort.

Intermediate Posture Stretch

Use a thicker towel roll or a D roll (half foam roll) positioned under the upper middle spine between the shoulder blades.

Repeat the same V Stretch and T Stretches posture outlined for the beginners posture stretches.

Advanced Posture Stretch

This advanced posture exercise increases muscle stretch and spinal release.

  • Place a foam roller on a firm surface
  • Lie down on the foam roller so it rests horizontally between your shoulder blades. This is the same starting position described for the beginners posture stretch.
  • Grasp a towel, stretch band or dowel rod with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart
  • Commence with the V Stretch for chest, shoulders and back release
  • Move into the T Stretch by bending your elbows to 90 degrees keeping your elbows and wrists back towards the ground

Repeat the V Stretch to T Stretch combination up to 10 times in a row.

Advanced Posture Stretch Progression

This advanced stretch allows for more increased range of movement of the shoulders. Doing this advanced exercise further increases flexibility of the chest, shoulders and spine.

  • Position a short foam roller on a gym bench and perform the same posture exercises outlined for the advanced posture stretch
  • Try to avoid hyperextending your neck in the extended position by keeping your chin tucked to protect your neck. A small pillow or cushion can be used to support the head and neck if required.
  • Use caution with this exercise when performing it on a gym bench as this is an advanced posture exercise. Use a small foam roller no wider than the gym bench.

Key Points for Posture Stretching

  • Start out with the beginners stretch
  • Incorporate the V Stretch and T Stretch into your posture stretching routine
  • Progress your stretches according to your personal comfort
  • Use a pillow or small cushion to support your head and neck as required
  • Exercises should feel comfortable and pain free. Cease these exercises if they cause discomfort during or after stretching.
  • Combine this posture stretch with postural muscle strengthening exercises for complete posture correction.

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