Contiform Review – Treatment Device for Female Bladder Problems

This Physiotherapist Contiform review helps you decide whether or not this product will solve your bladder problem.

Contiform is a revolutionary product designed by an Australian gynaecologist for overcoming female bladder problems, specifically stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

SUI involves wetness with coughing, sneezing, laughing or with exercise.

Read on find out: Contiform replacement device

  • What is Contiform?
  • Who it is suited to using Contiform?
  • How to fit the right size Contiform?
  • Who should avoid using Contiform?
  • Is Contiform effective?
  • How to clean Contiform
  • How long does Contiform last?

What is Contiform?

  • It is a soft, flexible, contoured device
  • It is fits comfortably inside the vagina like a hollow tampon (shown right)
  • It supports the urethra
  • It is has been thoroughly tested for safety and is latex free
  • Contiform supports the urethra and in doing so, stops urine escaping from the bladder with everyday activity or exercise.
  • It provides additional bladder support where it may be lacking after childbirth, menopause and especially with weak pelvic floor muscles.

Order Contiform Who is Suited to Using Contiform?

  • Women with stress incontinence (leakage with activity)
  • Women who still have leakage problems despite pelvic floor muscle retraining
  • Women who have leakage with exercise
  • Women who wish to avoid surgery for bladder leakage and are looking for alternative solution
  • Women who wish to reduce leakage as they strengthen their pelvic floor muscles with pelvic floor exercises (Kegels)

How to Fit Contiform?

contiform review
Contiform New User Kit

Contiform is available in a starter New User Kit (right) which provides the first time user with all three sizes to trial – Small, Medium and  Large in addition to an instructional DVD for use.

The manufacturer recommends starting with Medium size which should feel comfortable and stop unwanted bladder leakage. If this size is not correct, then try the Small or Large as required.

Once women have determined their correct size Contiform they purchase individual replacement units in their known size as required. These are also provided with an instructional brochure, a Contiform device and a ribbon for removing Contiform. Replacement units are usually an affordable option to pads.

Is Contiform Effective?

Contiform review of the studies performed to date:

One study1 at the Pelvic Floor Unit, St George Hospital Sydney Australia investigated the effectiveness of  Contiform for stress incontinence:

Fifty two women age 41-54 years participated in this study which involved fitting them initially with a size Medium Contiform device. Thirty seven women completed this study.

The results of this study were:

  • 20 of the 37 women who used Contiform were completely dry with a 24 hour pad test
  • 9 of the remaining women of women had 49mls or less leakage over a 24 hour time frame using the device
  • There were no reports of complaints regarding vaginal discharge, pain/discomfort, urgency, bowel symptoms or blood staining at 4 weeks follow up visit.

Is Contiform Safe?

Contiform is TGA approved (Therapeutic Goods Administration). It should be used according to the instructions provided.

When to Check With your Health Professional?

Contiform advise that you should check with your health professional before using this product if you;

  • leak urine constantly
  • have had bladder surgery in the past
  • have a diagnosed condition affecting your bladder.

For first time users, Contiform recommend that you are fitted by a professional continence nurse to ensure it is inserted correctly. Physiotherapists trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation are also able to assist you with fitting Contiform for Australian residents.

Who is Contiform Not Suited To?

The manufacturers advise women with the following conditions should not use this product:

  • During pregnancy
  • With cystitis or vaginal infections including thrush
  • With vaginal soreness or erosion
  • If  fitted with an IUD device such as a coil
  • With vaginal prolapse
  • During sexual intercourse.

How to Clean Contiform

  • This product gives the user flexibility to use as she chooses – all day or just during exercise or activities that cause bladder problems.
  • Contiform provide instructions for how to insert, remove  and care for the device.
  • Contiform advise removing this device at least every 24 hours, before going to sleep, and cleaning with warm water and unperfumed soap. It should then be dried thoroughly before reusing.

How Long Should Contiform Last?

Basically it depends on how often you use it. Contiform state that with everyday use, it should last 45-60 days. With less frequent use, Contiform should last longer making this product more economical. The key is monitoring that fracture lines do not appear in the rubber, indicating a new device should be purchased.

This professional Contiform review has been intended to provide information for women that they may not be able to access readily. For further information about Contiform, contact us or speak with your medical practitioner or Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.

1 Update: The Contiform intravaginal device in four sizes for treatment of stress incontinence”  by W.  A. Allen, H. Leek, A. Izurieta, K. H. Moore, Int Urogynecol J (2008) 19:757-761.


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