The Best Ranked Exercises To Lose Weight With Prolapse Problems

What are the best exercises to lose weight with prolapse problems? If you’re dealing with prolapse or previous prolapse surgery the best exercises to lose weight are low impact exercises. Read on now to learn: What are low impact exercises? What are the best ranked low impact exercises for burning energy? Tips for using this […]

The 15 Best Weight Control Exercises (Pelvic Floor Friendly)

  What are the best pelvic floor friendly weight control exercises to choose? Especially during holiday season when you may be eating and drinking a little more than usual! Doing the same exercise routine day in, day out isn’t the best way to control your weight. Some aerobic fitness exercises are far more effective than […]

Best Exercise to Lose Weight After Hysterectomy or Prolapse Surgery

What is the best exercise to lose weight if you’ve had pelvic surgery?  Are you stuck in a rut of doing the same ineffective weight loss exercise day in day out? Are you fearful of changing your exercise routine to protect your pelvic floor? If you’re trying to lose weight or avoid weight gain this […]