Prolapse Diet Tips for Body Weight, Constipation & Bloating

Is there a prolapse diet?  Can your diet effect your prolapse? Strictly speaking there’s no ‘prolapse diet’. Your diet can definitely effect your prolapse: Diet contributes to abdominal fat – the more abdominal body fat you carry the greater the load on your pelvic floor. Diet influences  bowel movements – constipation and diarrhoea can cause straining […]

Mature Woman’s Guide to Safe Whole Body Strengthening

I’d like to introduce you to Rose. Rose is in her 80’s and she started whole body strengthening exercise classes 4 years ago. Rose says … “Strengthening has given me confidence in my balance and the awareness of my capabilities in everyday situations. I feel happy and energized after our classes.  Doing strength exercises has […]

Physiotherapist Upper Back Stretches to Relieve Stiffness & Pain – Part 1

Do you suffer from upper back stiffness or discomfort? Are you seeking some simple upper back stretches that provide quick relief? This short exercise video shows you 2 simple and effective middle and upper back stretches using a rolled towel to help you stretch. Posture and pelvic floor function go hand in hand – good […]

15 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Pelvic Floor Exercises

Not getting results from your pelvic floor exercises? Unsure how to get the strengthening you need? Avoid wasting your time with pelvic exercises that aren’t working for you. Here are 15 common pelvic floor exercise mistakes along with Pelvic Floor Physio solutions for getting the most out of your training. 15 Common Mistakes to Avoid […]

Poster Guide to Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises for Strengthening

Are you looking for a simple guide to safe strengthening? These top 10 pelvic floor protection principles for pelvic floor safe exercises will help you strengthen safely. Scroll down to print this pelvic floor safe exercises poster. Maybe you’d like to post this on the noticeboard at your exercise center and help other women strengthen […]

Beginners Back Exercises Routine for Safe Back Strengthening

Do you suffer from episodes of back pain? Would you like back exercises that reduce your risk of dowagers hump? Maybe you’re simply looking for quick exercises that keep your spine strong and healthy (and your pelvic floor safe). These 4 Physiotherapist-guided back exercises help you strengthen your spine and exercise safely. Improve your upright […]

Pelvic Exercises Safe Strength Workout DVD for Women

Pelvic Exercises ‘Inside Out Strength’ DVD is a complete pelvic floor and whole body strength and toning exercise workout for women. Designed by health professionals to help women exercise safely and effectively, this innovative exercise DVD allows you to exercise with absolute confidence in your exercise routine. Inside Out Strength is presented by Australian Pelvic […]