The Best Weight Control Exercises – Pelvic Floor Friendly

What are the best pelvic floor friendly weight control exercises to choose? Some aerobic fitness exercises are far more effective than others for managing your weight. 15 Best Weight Control Exercises Here are the 15 most effective low impact weight control exercises listed in decreasing order of energy consumed doing by an average individual1. These exercises […]

How Strength Training Exercises Can Lift Your Mood

Are you stuck in a rut? Maybe you don’t feel good about yourself or your body. You’re definitely not alone. If you’re not feeling great about yourself or if you’re coping with emotional challenges such as depression or anxiety as well as living with pelvic floor problems the combination can really get you down. Having […]

Physiotherapist Safe Exercise and Pregnancy Guidelines

Gone are the days of the 1950’s when pregnant women were discouraged from doing anything other than light household duties. Medical experts now agree that there are many physical and psychological benefits to be gained from regular exercise during pregnancy. Some of these benefits include reducing swelling, fatigue and insomnia, and assisting in the management […]

Mature Woman’s Guide to Safe Whole Body Strengthening

I’d like to introduce you to Rose. Rose is in her 80’s and she started whole body strengthening exercise classes 4 years ago. Rose says … “Strengthening has given me confidence in my balance and the awareness of my capabilities in everyday situations. I feel happy and energized after our classes.  Doing strength exercises has […]

How to Avoid this Major Risk for Heart Attack in Women

Heart attack is the leading cause of death in Western women. After menopause women lose the protective benefits that oestrogen provides for heart health. Many of us are completely unaware of the risk of heart attack in women and what they can do to reduce the major risk factor for heart disease.   Read on […]

7 Basic Yoga Poses that are Safe for Your Pelvic Floor

Are you seeking basic Yoga poses that are pelvic floor safe? This Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist information teaches you how to do 7 basic Yoga poses that improve your strength and flexibility while protecting your pelvic floor. You will also learn safety tips and modifications for each Yoga pose that help you exercise effectively with comfort […]

Who’s the Biggest Loser? Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises for Women!

High drama in this season’s ‘Biggest Loser’ reality weight loss show recently when 41 year old Anita, was rushed to hospital with a mystery abdominal injury she sustained doing deep wide leg squats thrusting a 5kg weight from ground level up over her head. My teenage son innocently asked “mum do you think she’s had […]

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