Treadmill Walking Tips for Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness

How can you keep your treadmill walking pelvic floor friendly?

This treadmill walking exercise video gives you quick tips for pelvic floor safe treadmill walking.

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Please scroll down below this treadmill machine exercise video for more information, guidelines and pelvic floor safe exercise modifications

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Treadmill walking is an excellent low impact cardiovascular fitness exercise that’s well suited to many women.

There is unlikely to be any major difference in the amount of  pelvic floor impact when comparing outdoor walking with treadmill walking so choose what works best for your body and your lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Treadmill Walking

Treadmill walking has many potential benefits for women including:

  • Weight loss and weight control
  • Decreased risk of some chronic diseases (e.g. Type 2 diabetes, colon cancer)
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Decreased mental decline with aging
  • Improved mood and relaxation
  • Improved mental health (e.g. prolapse anxiety)
  • Improved mobility with arthritis
  • Better balance

How to Keep Treadmill Walking Pelvic Floor Friendly

1. Walk With Good Posture

Your walking posture affects how well your pelvic floor muscles function.

Good upright posture helps to promote good deep abdominal and pelvic floor function. When walking on the treadmill walk correct your upright posture by lifting the crown of your head towards the ceiling and lengthening your spine.

Gently activate your deep abdominal muscles if you’re able to as you walk. Try to avoid slouching forwards when walking. Slouching increases the load on your pelvic floor.

2. Treadmill Incline

Keep the treadmill flat when walking.

Walking on an incline tends to make your body lean forwards to stay balanced. Walking on a flat surface will allow you to stride out to promote fitness and walk with good tall posture.

3. Minimise Impact

Choose a variety of cardiovascular fitness exercises rather than repeating the same treadmill walking exercises day after day. An appropriate variety of exercises can help to protect your joints, lessen impact on your pelvic floor and promote better weight management than repeated the same fitness exercises every workout.

Wear well cushioned supportive footwear to support the arches of your feet and lessen impact on your lower limbs and pelvic floor.

Key Points for Treadmill Walking

Treadmill walking is an excellent cardiovascular fitness exercise for women.

Keep your treadmill walking pelvic floor friendly by:

1. Walking with good tall posture
2. Keeping the treadmill flat
3. Gently engaging your deep abdominal muscles
4. Choosing a variety of low impact cardiovascular fitness exercises

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