How to Kegel – Health Professional Kegel Exercises Video Guidelines

  ‘How to Kegel’ is a short online exercise video designed to help women understand Kegel exercises and how to perofrm them correctly. ‘How to Kegel’ video is presented by Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway. Michelle is the author of Inside Out and producer of the Inside Out DVD series.   Please scroll down to […]

Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise DVD for Women – ‘Inside Out Strength’

‘Inside Out Strength’ – Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise DVD Pelvic floor and whole body strength and toning exercise workout for women   Designed by health professionals to help women exercise safely and effectively, this innovative exercise DVD allows you to exercise with absolute confidence in your exercise routine. Inside Out Strength is presented by Australian […]

Hysterectomy Recovery Exercises – Physiotherapy Recovery Exercises

Hysterectomy recovery exercises can help you get back your strength and fitness as well as  help you  avoid some common post hysterectomy side effects. Pelvic floor physiotherapist Michelle Kenway explains some helpful hysterectomy recovery exercises and and safe exercise tips to help your return to exercise. Michelle is the author of Inside Out – the essential […]

How to Squat – Physiotherapist Video for Pelvic Floor Safe Leg Strengthening

How to squat video teaches you how to squat, protect your pelvic floor and get the most out of your squat exercises for leg and buttock strength and tone. Please scroll down to view video Benefits of Knowing How to Squat Safe squat exercises can help you: Increase your thigh and buttock strength and tone; […]

How to Lunge Physiotherapist Video for Pelvic Floor Safe Lunge

‘How to Lunge’ online video teaches you step by step the correct technique and variations for safe effective lunge exercises.  Please scroll down to view ‘How to Lunge’ video Read on below for more information about safe lunging with: Correct starting position for safe lunging; Correct technique for how to lunge safely; Tips for pelvic […]

Core Exercises after Prolapse Surgery and Prolapse Safe Exercises

Unfortunately for many women the potential forpelvic floor injury with intense core exercise is not well recognised within fitness circles. After prolapse surgery, some women even get the go-ahead to return to their regular gym exercises with little understanding of the potential risk of recurrent prolapse with the wrong kind of abdominal core exercise.

Osteoporosis Exercises Spine Strength Physiotherapist Video

This free osteoporosis exercise video teaches you 3 osteoporosis exercises to help you exercise for the bone health of your spine (specifically your middle back).

These exercises for osteoporosis will:
help prevent mid spine fractures that cause dowager’s hump
promote improved bone density of the spine
improve posture
safely improve back strength
protect the pelvic floor.

Safe Arm Toning Exercises for Women Online Video

Learn 3 great exercises and tips to help you tone and strengthen your upper body and protect your pelvic floor!

Expert physiotherapist instructor teaches you step-by-step how to strengthen your upper body and minimise pelvic floor strain. Women with prolapse symptoms, incontinence and after a hysterectomy or prolapse surgery (returning to exercise) are often unsure how to strengthen and protect their pelvic floor. This video show you how to improve your upper body strength with effective exercises using techniques and positions to reduce the likelihood of pelvic floor strain.

How to Strengthen Your Legs – Safe Strength Exercises for Women

This exercise video teaches you how to do 3 great exercises to help you safely improve your leg strength and protect your pelvic floor. This video is designed and presented with expert physiotherapist guidance. Learn how to safely and effectively perform squat and lunge exercises that are modified for women living with pelvic floor dysfunction such as prolapse, after prolapse surgery or after a hysterectomy.

Osteoporosis Exercises for Hips – Physiotherapist Online Video

This free osteoporosis exercise video teaches you how to exercises to help you safely improve your hip bone denity. It is can be very difficult to exercise for your bone health if you are also living with pelvic floor problems such as incontinence, pelvic prolapse or after vaginal surgery. These osteoporosis exercises are ideal if you are looking for safe exercises to strengthen you hip bones for osteoporosis, osteopenia or if you you are interested in safe osteoporosis prevention exercises.