Pilates and Pelvic Floor – Is Pilates Core Exercise Right for You?

Pilates and Pelvic Floor information by Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Jenny Tweedie. Many thanks to Jenny for sharing her Pilates and pelvic floor expertise with us. Jenny writes … Pilates has received mixed reviews over many years depending on where you read about it. You may hear claims by many models, celebrities and entertainers that […]

Pilates Exercises – Are Your Pilates Reformer Exercises Pelvic Floor Safe?

This Pilates exercises Physiotherapist article outlines 7 Pilates exercises using equipment to avoid or modify with pelvic floor dysfunction. Pilates studio exercises use specific Pilates equipment to perform a wide range of Pilates exercises. The traditional equipment developed by Joseph Pilates comprises: The Cadillac (or trapeze table), The Reformer (shown here), the Wunda Chair, Low […]

Pilates Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – 7 Exercises Women Need to Know

Pilates pelvic floor safe exercises can minimise the risk of pelvic floor injury. Some intense core abdominal Pilates exercises have potential to cause or worsen existing pelvic floor problems. Unfortunately some women commence Pilates exercises to strengthen their core muscles only to find that they develop or aggravate existing pelvic floor problems. Not all Pilates […]