When You Should Avoid Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are not always the treatment of choice for all pelvic floor problems. Scientific studies support pelvic floor exercises for treatment of women suffering from stress urinary incontinence or mild to moderate pelvic organ prolapse. There are however some specific instances where women should avoid pelvic floor exercises, for the short-term at least. […]

15 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Pelvic Floor Exercises

There are common mistakes to avoid for successful pelvic floor exercises. Unfortunately up to 70% of women perform pelvic floor exercises using the wrong technique if they don’t have individualised instruction. This Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist information helps you achieve successful pelvic floor exercises for the strength and support you require. This list is mistakes […]

Daily Exercise Guidelines for Pelvic Floor Strength

Pelvic floor strength exercise is similar to strength training in the gym – getting the right technique and doing the correct amount of exercise is vital for getting the best results. This Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist guide teaches you how to improve your pelvic floor strength with: Daily pelvic floor strength exercise guidelines; How often to exercise; […]