Physio Fix for Core Dysfunction (Breathing and Posture Included)

Core dysfunction isn’t caused by weak abdominal muscles. Poor abdominal control is usually only part of core dysfunction. Unfortunately many people mistakenly believe that doing abdominal exercises will fix their core dysfunction. There are actually 2 key elements underlying core dysfunction. It’s vital to address these 2 elements before commencing abdominal core exercises for anyone […]

Can CrossFit Increase Your Risk of Pelvic Floor Problems?

Have you heard of CrossFit?  Maybe you know someone who’s tried it? CrossFit is a brand of fitness that’s experienced phenomenal growth in recent years with increasing numbers of women joining in. Despite CrossFit’s growing popularity there’s very little information available on CrossFit and pelvic floor safe exercise. Read on now to learn: What is […]

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – Not Sexy Enough for Media Attention

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Special Guest Writer Feature Article – by Sue Croft Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Pelvic floor dysfunction is a major women’s health issue that remains unaddressed in the media. Why does this lack of attention continue despite the fact that one in three Australian women will experince some form of urinary incontinence, and one […]