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Kegel exercises after hysterectomy

Successful Pelvic Floor Exercises After Vaginal Surgery

Expert physiotherapist insructional video with step-by-step guidance for improving long-term pelvic floor support and preventing pelvic floor dysfunction after pelvic floor surgery including hysterectomy and prolapse repair. Exercise instruction to help prevent and overcome bladder/bowel and repeat prolapse after a hysterectomy or prolapse repair.

Core Exercises After Hysterectomy Video- Abdominal Muscle Series No. 2

Expert physiotherapist designed and presented video on core control exercises for abdominal and pelvic support. Ideal for women recovering from abominal hysterectomy or vaginal hysterectomy and also suited to women recovering from prolapse surgery. These safe and gentle supported exercises are designed to improve core abdominal and pelvic support and spinal stability to help women return to work and general activity.

Hysterectomy Exercise Core Training Video – Abdominal Muscle Series No. 1

Expert physiotherapy guidance video for how to safely exercise and condition your deep abdominal core muscles after a hysterectomy. Gentle lying down abdominal control exercises with step by step instruction is suited to women recovering from abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy. Deep abdominal muscle control exercises will improve your ability to move with minimal discomfort during hysterectomy recovery, and improve abdominal muscle tone and support of your surgical would.