Here’s Your Free Bladder Diary PDF | Bladder Training Program

Download your free bladder diary PDF below these instructions for starting your bladder control training at home. Bladder Diary Instructions Welcome to your bladder training program. Starting with a bladder diary helps you know whether or not you’re emptying your bladder too frequently. Completing a bladder diary gives you a record of how much urine you’re emptying […]

Overactive Bladder Physiotherapy Treatment for Bladder Urgency

Overactive bladder may be treated using pelvic floor physiotherapy techniques. These pelvic floor physiotherapy techniques help you control sudden bladder urgency to reduce or avoid bladder leakage. Overactive bladder treatment includes: Pelvic floor exercises Bladder control training Good bladder habits Avoiding bladder irritants Medications Overactive Bladder Treatment 1. Pelvic Floor Exercises Pelvic floor exercises are […]