PROCTALGIA FUGAX Exercises| 4 Ways to Relieve ANAL PAIN FAST!

Proctalgia Fugax exercises and treatments at home can quickly relieve sudden onset anal pain. Proctalgia Fugax is thought to involve temporary spasm of the pelvic floor muscles. Sudden anal pain and rectal pain associated with this condition can be a frightening experience. Fortunately this condition may be remedied with simple exercises and techniques at home. […]

Relieve TAILBONE PAIN in SITTING | 4 Physiotherapy Treatments for COCCYX PAIN

Tailbone pain relief for sitting and healing coccydynia with Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway. Learn 4 cost effective ways to relieve tailbone pain with sitting and promote healing with these Physiotherapy treatment techniques. This video is suited to women and men who suffer from tailbone pain. Please scroll down below this Physiotherapy video for more information and […]

Physiotherapy Abdominal Hernia Exercises for HERNIA SUPPORT | Unsafe Core Exercises to AVOID

Abdominal hernia exercises for the core abdominal muscles that can improve hernia support before or after hernia surgery with Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway This video shows you 2 abdominal core hernia exercises appropriate with umbilical hernia or inguinal hernia Unsafe abdominal exercises to avoid that may increase the risk of abdominal hernia worsening. Please scroll down […]

Osteoporosis Exercises for Spine Strength | 2 Physical Therapy Exercises

Osteoporosis exercises for spine strength and posture (video) with Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway. Learn 2 effective home exercises that improve spine strength.