10 Step Housework Guide To Avoid Pelvic Floor Overload

This 10 step guide helps you reduce your risk of  pelvic floor overload doing your housework. While many everyday chores will pose minimal risk to your pelvic floor, some home chores involving heavy physical work may pose a pelvic floor risk. This information is most relevant to women at increased risk of pelvic floor overload […]

Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises Poster for Strengthening

This pelvic floor safe exercises poster guide helps you exercise safely and reduce your risk of pelvic floor problems worsening. This poster is designed for women with: Prolapse problems Postpartum Bladder or bowel problems Pelvic floor weakness After gynaecological surgery (including prolapse, hysterectomy, bladder or bowel) Please feel welcome to print this pelvic floor safe […]