Kegel Exercises Guidelines for Strengthening Episode 3

Kegel Exercises guidelines for how to strengthen your pelvic floor are outlined in this Physical Therapist video. This Kegel exercise video teaches you: How to Kegel with correct technique in upright sitting; and How many Kegel exercises you need to do to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Video duration: 5 minutes Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise […]

How to Feel Your Kegels – How to Kegel Exercises for Women Episode 2

How to Kegel Video Series Episode 2 If you can’t feel your Kegels you’re not alone. One of the most common problems women face when learning how to kegel is feeling their Kegels and using the correct technique. Learn how to Kegel with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist guidance. Kegel Video duration: 5 mins Pelvic Floor […]

How to do Kegel Exercises – The 3 Essential Steps

For many of us it is close to impossible to feel anything or any progress with pelvic floor exercises. I think at first my eyebrows lifted more than my pelvic floor!

How to do Kegel Exercises − The 5 Essential Steps

Learn the 5 essential steps to strengthen your pelvic floor. This article teaches you how to do Kegel or pelvic floor exercises.