Key Steps To Avoid Urge Incontinence When Urinary Urgency Strikes

Do you suffer from urge incontinence? If you do, you’ll know the panic and discomfort that bladder urgency can cause. These key steps help you better manage urge incontinence by knowing the steps to follow when urgency strikes.   Read on below for: What causes urinary urgency? Key steps to avoid urge urinary incontinence More […]

8 Overactive Bladder Treatment Tips for Beating Bladder Urgency

Does your bladder rule your life?  Does waiting in line bring tears to your eyes? Unfortunately overactive bladder rules the lives of many women. These practical Physiotherapist techniques help you control sudden bladder urgency and avoid bladder leakage. 8 Overactive Bladder Treatment Tips 1. Start Pelvic Floor Exercises Now! Pelvic floor exercises are one of […]