Hysterectomy Recovery Diet for Fast Healing, Constipation Relief and Gas Pain (Video)

Your hysterectomy recovery diet can help you optimise healing (tissue repair) and avoid some of the common bowel problems after abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy surgery. Read on below this video for information to help your hysterectomy recovery: Diet that promotes fast tissue healing Best foods to restore the gut microbiome after a hysterectomy Diet for […]

Pelvic Floor Exercises After Hysterectomy – Physiotherapist Guided Video Routine

Have you had a hysterectomy? Do you want to start pelvic floor exercises after hysterectomy? This Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist video teaches you how to safely recommence pelvic floor exercises after hysterectomy surgery. Pelvic floor exercises after hysterectomy can help to restore pelvic floor strength and function after surgery. Video suitability: Exercise information for women after […]

How to Avoid Unsafe Abdominal Exercise after Hysterectomy – 5 Exercises to Avoid

Are you concerned about unsafe abdominal exercise after hysterectomy?   This Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist information teaches you: When to return to exercise after hysterectomy 5 Intense abdominal exercises to avoid after hysterectomy How abdominal exercise can cause long-term pelvic floor problems   When to Return to Abdominal Exercise after Hysterectomy Your surgeon will usually advise […]

Best Exercise to Lose Weight After Hysterectomy or Prolapse Surgery

What is the best exercise to lose weight if you’ve had pelvic surgery?  Are you stuck in a rut of doing the same ineffective weight loss exercise day in day out? Are you fearful of changing your exercise routine to protect your pelvic floor? If you’re trying to lose weight or avoid weight gain this […]

After Hysterectomy – How to Get Out of Bed Physiotherapist Video

Expert physiotherapist instructional video for how to get in and out of bed after a hysterectomy. Practical physical therapist demonstration and teaching to help you to reduce discomfort when moving and to minimise pressure on your surgical site.