Pelvic Exercises for Women – How to do Pelvic Exercises Guide

pelvioc exercises‘Pelvic Exercises for Women’ is a short instructional video for how to effectively strengthen your pelvic floor. Michelle Kenway author of Inside Out teaches you how to locate your pelvic floor, how to contract your pelvic floor muscles and how to exercise on a daily basis for most effective pelvic floor strengthening.

Pelvic Exercises for Women are explained in readily understood language in this short information video. Michelle provides simple step by step information for finding, feeling and exercising the pelvic floor muscles.

Suitability: General
Video duration: 6 minutes

This free online video information is provided for women who may not have the opportunity to access a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and for those women seeking information or just a reminder about how to do pelvic exercises. Pelvic Exercises for Women video does not seek to take the place of professional consultation with a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.

 Who Can Benefit from Pelvic Exercises?

Women with or at risk of pelvic floor muscle weakness including the following life stages and symptoms associated with pelvic floor weakness;

  • During and after pregnancy;
  • During menopause and beyond;
  • With unwanted bladder leakage;
  • With poor bowel control;
  • With decreased sexual sensation;
  • With pelvic floor prolapse; and
  • Previous pelvic surgery (prolapse/incontinence/hysterectomy).

‘Pelvic Exercises for Women’ Contents

This online exercise video provides women with information regarding:

  1. How to find pelvic floor muscles – with some simple techniques to find locate your pelvic floor
  2. How to best feel pelvic exercises for women – with a variety of pelvic exercise positions revealed
  3. How to exercise on a daily basis for stronger pelvic floor muscles – with a focus on establishing the correct pelvic exercise technique and then progressing to regular daily strengthening exercises. Learn how much pelvic exercise is needed for most effective pelvic floor strengthening
  4. Common mistakes to avoid with pelvic exercises to ensure that your technique is correct; and
  5. The expected time frame for pelvic exercises to achieve the best possible pelvic floor strength outcomes.

Inside Out Book & DVDABOUT THE AUTHOR, Michelle Kenway

Michelle Kenway is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and author of Inside Out – the Essential Women’s Guide to Pelvic Support. The Inside Out exercise DVD and book show women how to strengthen the pelvic floor and exercise effectively with pelvic floor safe exercises.

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  1. Hi there. I am 52, was diagnosed with Rectocele a week ago. I have no health insurance, am from South Africa where without a medical aid, one is in deep trouble. I saw some VDOs and decided that an operation/s is not the way I want to go. Please mail the VDO you mentioned to find them pelvic muscles. I also wanted to know whether rebounding daily is god or bad for my problem. I recently started this and do about 5 minutes a day, sit at a desk most of the rest of the day, don’t do much other exercise. Thought if I bought the rebounder, I could do it at home and it would help to get rid of some excess weight, about 25kg of it!!
    Thanks so much