Pelvic Floor Recovery Value Pack

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Pelvic Floor Recovery Pack

Some women encounter unexpected postoperative problems after gynae surgery, sometimes ultimately leading to the need for repeat surgery.

Many of the commonly occurring postoperative problems can be avoided with Physiotherapy exercises and techniques.

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Recovery Pack

The Recovery Pack teaches the dos (and don’ts), exercises, proven tips and techniques to help women promote their pelvic floor recovery and also help women undergoing pelvic floor surgery to ensure their best possible surgical outcomes.

The Pelvic Floor Recovery Pack helps you:

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • Manage pelvic floor problems (prolapse, bladder and bowel problems)
  • Ensure your best possible surgical outcomes
  • Avoid commonly occurring post operative problems, and
  • Return to exercise safely.


The Pelvic Floor Recovery Pack is suited to women with before and after pelvic floor repair for:

  • Prolapse repair surgery
  • Bladder repair surgery
  • Hysterectomy (vaginal or abdominal)
  • Pelvic prolapse (bladder, uterine, bowel)
  • Bladder and/or bowel control problems.

Pelvic Floor Recovery Pack Contents

The Recovery Pack brings you two expert books for complete recovery and great value with:

Pelvic Floor Recovery after Gynaecological SurgeryPelvic Floor Recovery Physiotherapy Guide to Gynaecological Surgery Physiotherapist Sue Croft (RRP $20 AU)

Comprehensive user friendly guide for women to prepare and recover from surgery includes:

  • Bladder and bowel management
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Preparatory exercises
  • Post operative exercises and routines
  • Returning to work and activity
  • Bowel management techniques and advice
  • Bladder management after surgery … read more


Inside Out BookInside Out – the essential women’s guide to pelvic support Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway with Professor Judith Goh (RRP $19.95 AU)

Innovative and comprehensive guide to pelvic floor safe exercise for women includes:

  • Guidelines and tips for pelvic floor strengthening
  • Core abdominal exercise guidelines
  • Core abdominal exercises to choose and avoid
  • Pelvic floor safe strength, fitness and weight loss exercises
  • Whole body strength training program … read more


Benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of these two expert Physiotherapists and ensure your pelvic floor recovery, and your best possible surgical outcomes.

What Other Women are Saying

Thank you so much for your book “inside Out”.  I discovered I had a bladder prolapse late last year but had difficulty finding a physiotherapist who taught pelvic floor exercises. I had prolapse surgery earlier this year. I found your book and video extremely useful both before and after my operation. Very many thanks.

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