Hysterectomy Recovery Pack

Complete Hysterectomy Recovery Pack

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Complete preparation, recovery exercises & guidance for hysterectomy surgery

Hysterectomy Recovery Pack

Expert Physiotherapy exercises and guidance for hysterectomy preparation and recovery 

  • Exercises for post operative recovery
  • How to minimize postoperative risks and safe return to activity
  • Pelvic floor safe exercises for long-term strength and fitness
  • Safe and unsafe post operative activities
  • How to manage bladder and bowel problems
  • Pelvic floor strengthening that prepare for surgery and postoperative recovery

Hysterectomy Recovery Pack Contents

Maximise your hysterectomy recovery with these 3 Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy products.

1. Pelvic Floor Recovery after Gynaecological Surgery Book

Pelvic Floor Recovery after Gynaecological Surgery

Pelvic Floor Recovery equips you with the essential knowledge and understanding to fully prepare for prolapse surgery and maximise your long-term recovery. Includes exercises that reduce the risks of surgery, guidance for safe return to home activities, bladder and bowel management and much more (RRP $20.00).

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2. Pelvic Floor Exercises Daily Workout CD

Pelvic Floor Exercises CD

Ideal preparation for hysterectomy surgery and pelvic floor strengthening after surgery. This unique audio pelvic floor workout CD guides you through pelvic floor exercises that strengthen and support. The exercise routines are quick, easy to follow, motivating and based upon the latest scientific research into pelvic floor strengthening exercises (RRP $19.99).

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3. Inside Out Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise Book

Inside Out Book

After hysterectomy the risk of pelvic floor injury is increased. Learn how to exercise safely long-term with pelvic floor safe strength and fitness exercises. Unsafe core exercises to avoid and pelvic floor friendly exercises to choose. Includes a complete whole body strength training routine (RRP $19.99).

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What Other Women are Saying

A very big thank you for all your support, books and DVD’s. I can’t express how much these have helped me this year, I have now be able to increase my activity levels from staying on my feet for half a day without getting sore and cooking dinner on a chair to working all day and riding my horse again, which is my love and freedom. I have also learnt how to manage my condition so I won’t get sore. I still have some more weight to lose but now I have my life back.

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