Pelvic Floor Recovery Essentials

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Pelvic Floor Recovery Essentials is a user friendly Physiotherapist guide that teaches  you how to manage and overcome pelvic floor problems including bladder, bowel and prolapse problems.


 Pelvic Floor Recovery Essentials

Pelvic Floor Recovery Essentials shows you how to manage and overcome bladder, bowel and/or prolapse problems.

Written by Physiotherapist Sue Croft, Pelvic Floor Recovery Essentials teaches you practical information and exercises to manage your pelvic floor problems.

Simple and easy to read, this guide is packed full of practical information, illustrations and self-help techniques.

Pelvic Floor Recovery Benefits

This Physiotherapist guide teaches you:

  • How to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • How to train your deep core abdominal muscles
  • How to manage your prolapse
  • Home treatment for stress and urge urinary incontinence
  • How to empty your bowels without straining
  • How to improve your stool consistency
  • How to reduce flatulence (gas or wind)
  • Tips for improving sex and intimacy
  • Travel checklist and help for bladder/bowel management travelling.


Essentials guides you with the information you need to know to manage your pelvic floor.

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Special Features

  • 90 pages of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy information for pelvic floor management
  • Easy to read
  • Practical information and exercises
  • Over 50 illustrations accompany exercises and tips

This book brings together all the essential factors of bladder control, fluid management and bowel function, including prolapse prevention and sexual function in a way that is clear with a focused approach to the problems women experience. Like her first book, Sue has included practical advice and tips in highlighted sections making this a very easy read for all women as well as a useful resource for clinicians.” Dr Irmina Nahon, PhD.

About the Author: Sue Croft is an Australian Physiotherapist working in in Private Practice. She has a special interest in Continence and Women’s Health. Pelvic Floor Recovery Essentials is Sue’s second following the success of her first book Pelvic Floor Recovery Physiotherapy Guide for Gynaecological Surgery.

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