Pelvic Floor Safe Workout DVD

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Inside Out Strength is a Physiotherapist-guided pelvic floor safe exercise workout DVD for women seeking to exercise safely and avoid pelvic floor overload.

This workout is for women seeking effective beginners and intermediate strength exercises that avoid worsening pelvic floor problems.

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‘Inside Out Strength’ Workout DVD

‘Inside Out Strength’ is the pelvic floor safe whole body strength workout for women.

Strengthen safely, reduce your risk of pelvic floor injury and exercise with expert Physiotherapist guidance.

Inside Out Strength is the first workout in the Inside Out Workout Series compatible with DVD players worldwide (USA, Canada and rest of world)

Pelvic Floor Safe Strength Exercises

Physiotherapist-guided exercises & techniques that:

  • Strengthen and tone your whole body
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Manage your body weight
  • Increase your lean muscle
  • Exercise with confidence
  • Feel strong and well.

Who Will Benefit Most?

Women seeking health professional expertise for safe whole body strength exercises and pelvic floor exercise guidance will particularly benefit.

This includes women with:

  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • History of pelvic surgery
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Bladder and /or bowel control problems
  • Recent pregnancy and childbirth.

Exercise DVD Contents

Inside Out Strength features two sections – each with a user friendly for their specific exercise menu allowing women to customize their workout needs.

Section 1 Features:

  • Complete demonstration and step by step guidelines for performing pelvic floor safe strength exercises;
  • How to perform correct pelvic floor exercises or kegel exercises;
  • Simple yet necessary techniques and exercise modifications to keep strength exercises safe and successful; and
  • Learning in how to perform strength exercises appropriate for the home or gymnasium setting.


Section 2 Features:

  • A whole body 38 minute workout to exercise along with;
  • Strength and toning exercises for legs, butt, back, chest, upper body;
  • Pelvic floor exercises/ kegel exercises workout with six positions for pelvic floor strength progression;
  • Pleasant soundtrack accompaniment; and
  • Optional exercise progressions for more advanced strengthening as required.


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About the Presenter

Michelle Kenway is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, exercise instructor for women and author of the internationally acclaimed book Inside Out – the essential women’s guide to pelvic support.

Michelle is recognised worldwide for her expertise in designing and promoting pelvic floor safe exercise for women.

Pelvic Exercises DVD Product Specifications:

Total running time: 60 minutes

Section 1: 22 minutes

Section 2: 38 minutes

DVD formats: Inside Out Strength is available in dual formats: PAL for worldwide distribution and NTSC for United States

What Other Women Are Saying

I received my dvds and books and I have been really enjoying doing the workout on the pelvic one, they were easy to do and help me understand my prolapse much better. Thank you.
JaneHong Kong

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