Osteoporosis Exercises DVD

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Physiotherapist guided bone density exercises

‘Bone Fit’ Osteoporosis Exercises DVD

‘Bone-Fit for Beginners’ is a physiotherapist designed and presented strength training DVD by Physiotherapist and Women’s Exercise Instructor Michelle Kenway.

This professional osteoporosis (bone health) exercise DVD is ideal for women seeking safe home-based bone density exercises.

‘Bone-Fit for Beginners’ is also used by many women for whole body safe progressive strength exercises.

Benefits of ‘Bone-Fit’:

  • Improving bone health (hips, spine and wrists);
  • Increasing overall muscle strength – legs, buttocks, back and upper body in particular;
  • Strengthening core muscles – to improve standing posture and reduce back pain;
  • Improving weight management – by increasing lean muscle and reducing fat;
  • Improving general  flexibility and balance – decreasing the likelihood of falls; and
  • Improve strength and confidence.

Who is ‘Bone-Fit’ Suited to?

Women best suited to this osteoporosis exercise DVD are those with:

  • Normal bone density;
  • Osteopenia or moderate fracture risk of spine, hips and or wrists (T score between -1 SD and-2.5 SD); and
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis who wish to prevent osteoporosis.

Women with established osteoporosis having a high fracture risk of hips and/or spine (BMD below -2.5) are advised to seek their doctor’s approval before commencing this program. After obtaining medical approval to perform strength exercises these women are advised to commence Bone-Fit at the beginners’ level.

Some women may require initial physiotherapist/exercise professional supervision especially if they have pre-existing bone fractures, coexisting general health conditions or if they have never exercised previously.

Always seek your doctor’s approval before commencing any new exercise program.


The exercises included in this DVD are those considered pelvic floor friendly while exercising for strengthening muscles and bones.

Bone-Fit has been designed to target the bone strength of the hips, spine and wrists. It is also designed to improve sitting and standing posture, core (deep abdominal) muscles and flexibility to help reduce the risk of falls owing to shortened muscles.

  • Safe, simple and scientifically proven exercises;
  • Emphasis on correct exercise technique to minimise injury risk;
  • Step-by-step health professional guidance for hip, spine and wrist bone density exercises;
  • 3 levels of progressive resistance and core exercise – commencing with beginners chair-based exercises through to more advanced fit ball exercises;
  • Incorporates dumb bell weights for resistance exercise;
  • Incorporates optional use of fit ball for core strength training; and
  • Safe stretching exercises and posture re-education exercises.

Progressive Exercise DVD

‘Bone Fit for Beginners’ includes three levels 3 of exercise progression:

  1. Basic – for beginners starting out. A great series of chair-based exercises with light dumbbell weights;
  2. Intermediate – for women who feel confident sitting on a fit ball and using hand weights, an intermediate series of exercises progressively building upon level 1 exercises; and
  3. Advanced – more advanced strength and fit ball exercises that build upon the exercises taught in levels 1 and 2.

If you are starting out familiarise yourself with two weeks of basic level 1 exercises without weights. Next progress to light hand weights when you feel comfortable to do so. The intermediate and more advanced levels in this program incorporate an exercise ball and hand weights.

Bone-Fit does not require expensive equipment or a large amount of space and can be performed in the comfort of the home.

Exercise menu:  allows the user the flexibility to concentrate on specific hip, spine or wrist strength exercises. Alternatively, simply press play to run the entire program.

Total running time: 40 minutes

Note USA & Canadian Customers

Unfortunately ‘Bone-Fit’ is a PAL format DVD suited to DVD players worldwide other than the USA & Canada.

Alternatively the Strength &  Core and Inside Out Strength DVDs are both compatible with US players.

Some US & Canadian-based customers choose to view ‘Bone-Fit’ on their home computer.

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