Does SIZE Matter? AVERAGE Male Size and What Matters Most to Women

Does size matter?

What is average male penis size?

Size matters to many men but does size matter to women?

Here’s what some women say about the penis size in relation to sexual satisfaction and what really matters most during intimacy with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway.

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Penis Size Myth

Many men are increasingly concerned about penis size. In fact, most men underestimate their penis size in relation to the average size1.

Large penis size is equated with masculinity and sexual prowess in contemporary society. Images of large size as desirable are perpetuated in contemporary media, particularly in pornography. 

The focus on large penis size as desirable has a negative impact on self esteem in some men, creating size anxiety and problems with sexual intimacy and performance. 

The current size myth has dramatically increased demand for potentially dangerous surgical penis lengthening procedures2, size enhancing creams, medications and devices.

How to Measure Penis Length

The clinical recommendations for measuring penis length3 are as follows:

  • Use a flexible tape measure (non-stretch) for measuring penis length
  • Press one end of the tape measure into the pubic bone at the base of the penis
  • Place the tape measure along the uppermost surface of the penis
  • Measure the length of the penis from the base to the tip.

Average Male Size – The BIG Size Myth

There is little to no evidence that size is related to shoe size, race or sexual orientation4.

Most men believe average excited length is 6 inches (15.24 cm) or greater5 however most studies investigating average male size have involved self reporting measures such as postal surveys of volunteers. These types of studies have contributed to the big size myth in current society.

More accurate clinical studies show average excited male length is 5.1-5.5 inches (12.95-13.97 cm). 

Survey Does Size Matter to Women

This survey was conducted in 25 hereosexual women, all of whom reported being sexually active during their lifetime. Participants included single and married women aged between 21-89 years of age. The majority of participants had undergone childbirth (N=21). Participants were volunteers and written responses were anonymous.

Survey Results

  • No size does NOT matter N=21
  • Undecided N=1
  • Yes size matters N=3

Women overwhelmingly responsponded that penis size does not matter to their sexual satisfaction.

Survey Responses to Does Size Matter for Sexual Satisfaction

A. NO Size Does NOT Matter Responses

No its the closeness of being with that person, the lead up, the smells, sounds, touch nothing to do with the size – it’s totally irrelevant (49 years)

Totally size does not matter, it is the heart that matters, the inside bit, people need to be comfortable with their form and it can only come from within them (56 years)

No size doesn’t matter. It’s about pleasure & fun & the average woman doesn’t have a tape measure in their hip pocket (69 years)

No, large size can feel very painful, I experienced that once only and no going back (23 years)

Size doesn’t really matter more important is technique, honesty and passion (46 years)

No, I have experienced different sizes and to be honest the best involves other parts. Knowing a woman’s body is what matters because once this is understood size does not matter (39 years)

No if a guy feels confident in himself as a person regardless of size its irrelevant (36 years)

No it doesn’t matter as long as they fulfill your needs, as long as they are not selfish (21 years)

No it’s how they do other things (20 years)

No this is not one of my priorities (57 years)

No I was with one large guy once and it was so extremely painful I would never go there again (51 years)

No, as long as they cater for your needs in other ways (56 years)

If you’re big and don’t know how to use it, it’s pretty pointless.If you’re small,but know how to use it, it’s fantastic regardless of size (35 years)

Size does help but it is not everything (27 years)

Girth is more important than length but if you are really into the guy you’re with, what they do and how they make you feel during special time trumps everything (54 years)

No, I think men have a distorted sense of what an average size is, and the misconception that larger equals better, when for many women, large size is uncomfortable and painful. If that’s all that mattered, then women would just go straight for the XL battery powered devices and skip dating altogether (34 years)

B. Undecided Response

Size does matter because it’s a lot more pleasurable in a sensory way. But there’s a lot more to great intimacy than size (49 years)

C. Yes Size Matters Response

Yes size matters! Feels heaps better and more pleasurable (56 years)

Yes pleasure is directly proportional to the size (27 years)

Yes it does matter because I don’t think I will get pleasure because of society norms (22 years)


This small survey found that the women surveyed did not think size matters in terms of their overall sexual satisfaction. 

The largest study performed investigating does size matter to women found that 84% of women were satisfied with the size of their partner and an additional 2% desired smaller partner penis size6. Another study of 174 women reported that only 21% regarded penis length as important7.

The importance of penis size to women is a subjective matter. Many different factors may relate to the importance women place upon penis size. It’s unknown whether this may be a psychological or physical phenomenon. Some women exposed to pornography may view large penis size as desirable or in fact normal. It has been suggested that in long-term relationships penis size may be less important to women than for short term intimacy.

The vagina contains stretch receptors that are partly responsible for a woman’s sensation during intimacy. In women who have larger vaginal vault size owing to natural childbirth it’s possible to speculate that larger penis size may provide greater sensation during intimacy.

There may be a range of desirable penis sizes when viewed from a physical sensation perspective. Some women report pain with large penis size and intimacy while other women report a lack of sensation with very small size.

Perhaps sexual sensation results from a combination of relative male and female personal size. This has not been scientifically investigated to date.

The survey findings are consistent with the larger scale studies. This study is limited by the small number of respondents and the findings cannot be generalized to all women.


This survey found that size did not matter to the women surveyed in terms of their sexual satisfaction however the survey findings are limited by the very small sample size and cannot be generalised to all women.


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