Core Exercises After Hysterectomy Video- Abdominal Muscle Series No. 2

Exercises After Hysterectomy Series – Seated Core Swiss Ball Routine

Exercises afhysterectomy recovery exercisester hysterectomy can help to promote hysterectomy recovery and return to activity and fitness. These Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist seated Swissball exercises provide women with information on appropriate and safe core exercises after a hysterectomy.

The gentle core exercises demonstrated are designed for the information of women returning to exercise after abdominal hysterectomy or after vaginal hysterectomy, and women having had previous prolapse surgery.

This video is the second in our series on exercises after hysterectomy designed to promote women’s understanding of safe exercises after hysterectomy. For more exercises after hysterectomy refer to video No. 1 Abdominal Exercises After Hysterectomy

Video duration: 9 minutes

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Note: to ensure smooth viewing of the video, it is recommended that you press on this play arrow and then when the video starts loading you press the ‘pause’ button until you can see that the entire video has loaded. This will help avoid the video stopping to load while you watch.

Core Exercises Video Suitability

This exercise video is suited to most women with after receiving approval from their medical specialist to return to general exercises. Some women with poor balance, mobility or musculoskeletal problems may not be able to perform regular exercises on a fitball. The exercises demonstrated can also be performed seated on a chair for women with poor balance who lack confidence sitting on a fitball.

Women who may benefit from these pelvic floor safe abdominal core exercises include:

  • Women with weak pelvic floor muscles;
  • Women after hysterectomy recovery;
  • Women after prolapse surgery recovery; and
  • Women after childbirth.

Important: always ensure you have obtained the approval of your medical specialist to recommence exercise before commencing this or any exercise program after hysterectomy or pelvic prolapse surgery.

Benefits of Exercises After Hysterectomy

The exercises in this video are very gentle deep abdominal core activation and control exercises. These core exercises after hyseterectomy are designed to:

  • Improve posture after hysterectomy;
  • Improve deep abdominal muscle control;
  • Improve the tone of the lower abdominal region;
  • Promote control of the spine; and
  • Provide women with information regarding pelvic floor safe abdominal exercises after hysterectomy that avoid pelvic floor and internal wound strain.

Core Exercises Video Content

Core exercises after hysterectomy video demonstrates:

  • How to find and activate the deep abdominal muscles correctly in sitting position;
  • Posture exercise in sitting;
  • Arm reach seated on fitball;
  • Heel dig seated on fitball; and
  • Knee lift seated on the fitball.

The core abdominal exercises demonstrated in this video are provided with graduated progressions for women as their core muscle control improves.

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