Bladder Prolapse Exercises for Support and Control

Bladder Prolapse Exercises

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  • Overcome bladder prolapse symptoms
  • Strengthen bladder support
  • Prevent prolapse worsening
  • Improve your bladder control

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prolapse exercises


with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway

Learn how to exercise safely, strengthen your prolapse and reduce your risk of prolapse worsening.

Prolapse Exercises is a complete exercise guide for women with prolapse seeking to exercise safely and protect their pelvic floor.


Bladder Prolapse Support Exercises

Quick Start Guide

Benefits of Bladder Prolapse Exercises

Bladder prolapse is the most common form of prolapse in women. Regular pelvic floor exercises can help you improve your prolapse support and relieve bladder prolapse symptoms.

Correct Pelvic Floor Exercise Technique

  • Identify your pelvic floor muscles around your three pelvic openings
  • Squeeze and lift the muscles in and around all of your pelvic openings
  • Release your pelvic floor muscles and lower them back to resting level
  • Relax and rest your pelvic floor before attempting your next exercise

Pelvic Floor Safe Bladder Prolapse Exercises

Appropriate strength and fitness exercises can help women exercise and stay active despite their prolapse problems. Safe exercises minimize pelvic floor loading to avoid stretching and weakening pelvic floor supports. Pelvic floor safe exercises include:

  • Low impact fitness exercises
  • Appropriate resistance training exercises and techniques
  • Appropriate deep core abdominal exercises

Exercises after Bladder Prolapse Surgery

There are two types of exercise that promote recovery after prolapse surgery:

1. Pelvic floor exercises to promote pelvic floor strength and support

2. Pelvic floor safe fitness and strength exercises for physical recovery and long term health and fitness