Here’s Your Free Bladder Diary PDF | Bladder Training Program

Download your free bladder diary PDF below these instructions for starting your bladder control training at home.

Bladder Diary Instructions

Welcome to your bladder training program.

Starting with a bladder diary helps you know whether or not you’re emptying your bladder too frequently. Completing a bladder diary gives you a record of how much urine you’re emptying from your bladder and it helps you monitor your progress (and improvement) over the coming weeks.

Keep your bladder diary for 1-3 days to start your bladder control training at home.


  • 1 measuring jug
  • 1 container to fit inside toilet bowl (optional)
  • Bladder diary printouts for every day you intend to keep your diary (i.e. 1-3 copies)


Start your bladder diary on a day that you will be at home most of the day. You don’t need to complete this diary on 3 consecutive days however try to complete it over the course of a regular week to get an accurate assessment for example Monday, Wednesday and Friday works fine.


  • Record the date on your bladder diary
  • Measure how much your bladder empties every time you empty your bladder. You can do this by emptying your bladder directly into the measuring jug or into the container placed in the toilet bowl first if this is easier for you to manage
  • Volume voided – record the time that you empty your bladder and the quantity of urine you empty  (volume voided) in millilitres or ounces in the column provided
  • Strong Urge – record whether you experienced any bladder urgency immediately before emptying your bladder in the appropriate column
  • Leakage record whether you experienced any bladder urgency immediately before emptying your bladder in the appropriate columns
  • Total Number of voids and fluids – tally up the number of times you empty your bladder and the total fluids you consume at the lowest part of your diary at the end of the day

Measuring your bladder volumes at night can be challenging. If you prefer not to measure at night, just record how many times you get up during the course of the night to empty your bladder.

Bladder Diary PDF Download

Download Bladder Diary PDF

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  1. Just found your videos yesterday. I love the fact that you do not go on and on forever in your intro, because I am always ready for the nitty gritty. Thank you for good, informative videos with good instructions and explanations.

  2. I am in my 4th week post prolapse surgery. Looking at changing my whole workout routine to get the best results now and the future. Can I start any exercises now?

    • Hi, I also am just a little over 6 weeks post prolapse surgery. I have been walking a mile on my treadmill and I am excited to get back into an exercise routine. I believe I am going to learn some new ways to workout for a safer, healthier life style. I hope this site give me lots of info for my new journey.