Thank you GIVEAWAY! 100 K YouTube Subscribers

This month we achieved the huge milestone of 100, 000 You Tube subscribers.

Thank you for all your support. I’m really most grateful and could never have imagined reaching this milestone.

If you’d like to be in the running to win a free product of your choice from the pelvic exercises store you need to:

1. Be a YouTube Michelle Kenway channel subscriber

2. Leave a comment telling me your favorite video from my channel (or this website) and why you like it.

This giveaway closes July 31st 2019. I’ll message you directly if you are one of the lucky 20 winners.

Thanks again! Michelle

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  1. Author: Michelle Kenway Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist says

    Hi Ladies, thank you so much for your wonderful comments. Comments for this giveaway are now closed and the winning entrants notified via email this coming week.
    Kindest regards

  2. Hi Michelle
    Thank you so much for the effort you give in helping women with their physio gym exercises to maintain their wellbeing. Your knowledge and skill which guides us through the appropriate forms of training and body maintenance is so extensive and this is evident through the strategies you demonstrate on your videos. I am particularly interested in the safe and correct exercise routines for deep core muscles, activating muscles around the abdominal wall and safe pelvic floor exercises. The chest stretching exercises were simple and effective and I can see myself doing them even standing on the train against the rail (LOL). I also think it is important to learn through you, as you discuss, what not to do as well. Your physio safe core exercises are far better explained and demonstrated on your videos than most women would expect and you relate so well with your communication skills. I recommend strongly for all women to share your site with their family, friends and colleagues to make a difference that counts in the future wellbeing of both women and men.
    Thanks again Michelle
    Kind Regards

  3. My favorite video is Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercises. I have finally had some relief from my constant pelvic pain since my prolapse & hysterectomy surgery almost 2 years ago. This video and many of your other videos have helped me realize that I have been doing a lot of my exercises incorrectly.
    Even after 2 rounds of physical therapy these videos have helped me a great deal with proper technique. Thank you so much for having these valuable videos available to everyone suffering from pelvic pain.

  4. Hello Michelle. I am so grateful for you and all that you offer (videos, books, information, advice, etc.) on your Channel, website and emails. I struggle with Stage 3 bladder prolapse and you help keep me positive and strong in managing this condition every day! Thank you for being there for all of us women who share pelvic issues and desperately value your support. I am eternally grateful. P.S. Congratulations on achieving your 100k subscribers. Well done!!

  5. Hi Michelle, so hard to pick a favourite video, so many good and relevant ones for me, a 68 year old, who exercises at the gym 3-4 times a week, with prolapse problems! Which I may add have improved a lot since doing Kegels correctly, very regularly! Videos such as Intro to Kegel’s for strong pelvic floor exercises, pelvic floor safe exercises and alternative exercises to how to empty your bowels without straining. It is also pleasing to be reassured that it is ok to exercise at the gym when you know what exercises to avoid and alternative exercises you can use. I love your Prolapse Exercises Inside Out book too.

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to have found your excellent website. I enjoy receiving your emails with all the latest updates. Thank you.

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I’ve recently come across your videos for pelvic floor health and exercise and feel so relieved!

    I’m 28 years old and have suffered for 10 years on and off with haemorrhoids. I have undergone 3 operations in 2 years which have proven unsuccessful. My once active and adventurous life has been ruined due to this ongoing problem. I have never been told about how pelvic floor exercises can help prevent and improve the symptoms and finally feel like I may be on the beginning of a path that may help my chances of leading a normal life again.

    I have subscribed to your channel and look forward to beginning these exercises and hope over the next few months I may feel some improvement.

    I would love to win your July competition and feel a DVD would be a great help. If you decided to upload a video on pelvic floor exercises to improve hemorrhoid symptoms I think that would be amazing!

    Thank you again for all the videos, I feel so much more positive knowing this help and information is available to me.

    All the best


  7. Cheryl Ann says

    Hi Michelle, love all your information. Enjoyed your YouTube video with 4 exercises for SI joint pain, found it to be very helpful. Hard to pick just one as ALL of your videos are great, and are very helpful. If I am drawn, I would be interested in the Pelvic Floor Safe Book and DVD Saver Pack. I would really appreciate it and get good use out of it. Thanks.

  8. Hi Michelle, My favourite video is the Kegel exercises beginners workout for women. It is easy to do and very effective. I have abdominal adhesions from a botched hysterectomy over 30 years ago. I have had 5 laparoscopies for adhesions which made my abdomen muscles weak plus I have chronic back pain. These exercises are perfect to help with leakage while sneezing or coughing. I have also tried your other videos for back problems etc. Have a great day from Canada

  9. I don’t have a favourite video but I always check out the Kegel exercise videos. I have had pelvic floor surgery and don’t want this area to weaken again or undo the work of the doctor.

  10. Hi Michelle my favourite video at the moment is the one I just seen about preventing forward shoulders. I have osteoporosis and I also have 3 back fractures. I have always exercised and watched my diet but unfortunately my osteoporosis didn’t improve. I would love some specific and safe excercises that I can do knowing that I’m doing something to hopefully improve my condition.

    Thanks for all the helpful information and videos you post.

  11. Michelle, I find all your videos informative as here in the UK there is poor/little advice given to woman suffering from a prolapse. I felt as though I might as well give in to the prolapse but since I have been following your advice I have become more positive, as in the UK it is very negative and they tend to lead with, sort it with surgery and any other option you may choose is time consuming or an inconvenience. Mentally and physically this isn’t a good approach to have. So, thank you Michelle.

  12. Just love all your video exercises I had prolapse surgery and thanks to your videos my abdominal muscles are getting stronger even if some times Im a little nervous trying new exercise, many many thanks!

  13. The videos and info on doing Kegel exercises have been most helpful for me! Thank you! I can finally do them correctly.


  14. Patricia K. says

    I love taking classes at the gym, but often find they are not safe for the pelvic floor after my hysterectomy and prolapse surgery. Your videos have given me the knowledge and confidence to modify exercises at the gym. (I finally decided it’s really ok to be doing something different than the rest of the class.) I have also recently started taking yoga again after being away from it for many years. I now feel armed with modifications that I can easily implement so I can have a safe and enjoyable yoga practice! Thank you!

  15. Hi Michelle, my sister and I are in Canada and have been following you for six years. We both have pp. I have communicated with you in the past. Since my last move, I have not been able to find my inside/out video. I love it and the safe yoga positions. Wishing you continued health, Jeannie

  16. I love the video for Osteoporosis. My physio gave me exercises and though I told him I have to be careful of my pelvic floor some of the exercises seemed to put pressure on my pelvic floor. So I found some of them on Michelle’s videos which were more modified and I feel comfortable doing them. Have also added a few more of Michelle’s exercises into my routine.

  17. Hi Michelle
    My favourite video to date is about modifying Yoga poses for prolapse. I gave Yoga away 2 years ago, even after trying to modify the best I could. I have really missed it and now having watched your video I feel like I could give it another go. Many thanks.

  18. Dear Michelle,

    I really appreciate your emails which always contain very valuable information.

  19. Hi Michelle
    My favourite is Inside Out 2 Strength and Core workout DVD. I love it as it suits me and allows me to work through a program I know is safe for me to do at home in my own time.
    A wish would be for you to make another similar video as I have been using this for a couple of years. Or a new video with some aerobic component too.
    Thanking you

  20. I love all the exercises for lower back especially the video “Back stretches that ease pressure and increase flexibility”.

    Hope I’m a winner!

    Would love an exercise ball.

  21. Hi Michelle,
    Your book and youtube videos were and still are a huge source of help and comfort to me. I can not thank you enough! Really! I am so glad i found you. I had an abdominal hysterectomy a couple of years ago and I learnt more from you than my healthcare professionals, who gave me very little support indeed. I purchased your book InsideOut. Then watched many of your online videos as i prepared for my operation. You taught me how to get in and out of bed saving me a lot anguish. Eased me through times of immense pain, made my recovery safer and more effective by showing me videos of exercises to do throughout the different stages of my recovery. I am extremely grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us, thanks again.

  22. I loved the Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercises. I knew what not to do, but had trouble finding alternatives.

  23. My favourite one is probably one of the first videos I received from you, which was an introduction to Kegel’s for a stronger pelvic floor. Within about a month of doing these I noticed an improvement with levels of incontinence when exercising.

  24. Pelvic Floor exercises for beginners. Peace of mind to know I could get back to exercising even with prolapse!

  25. Hi Michelle

    Thank you for this opportunity to win. The video that I like the most is the Resistance Tube Exercises for Upper Back Strengthening.

    Following your exercises I have increased my back strength which has really helped me with my work as I am at a computer most of my working day.

    Thank you again


  26. Favorite video…does it have to be just one?

    I am grateful for the videos that dealt with having had a hysterectomy. These were especially helpful as I had had our son via c-section and then about two years later had to have an unexpected hysterectomy due to a failed birth control device and more recently another abdominal surgery.
    So…my abdominal area was, still is, weak. Rebuilding core muscles is a long, slow process…and the videos have been helpful for different areas.

    Thus the reason I can’t just pick one. :)

  27. Susan F. says

    I have found the Michelle Kenway workout routines to be the best I have ever experienced!

  28. Hands down the three pelvic floor ab exercises on the ball are my favorites because it shows me that I can do something simple quickly and work my abs and it does work your abs. Being newly diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse finding something to work my abs that wasn’t detrimental to my condition was huge thank you so much for your videos they are the best short and sweet

  29. My favourite video is “unsafe core abdominal exercises”. I have had a prolapse repair and I am really keen to get back to fitness and prevent a prolapse recurring by exercising correctly.

  30. Hi Michelle, I’m a 72 yr old Canadian and I have been a subscriber to your Newsletter and to YouTube since 2010. I have just started back at exercising after some health problems and really find your Bodyweight exercises for women helpful. I also like the Physio Chest stretches for Rounded Shoulders. Since I live in Canada, the cost of mailing is way too high, the only items in your store that I’m really interested in are the ones I can download and print myself.
    Love your videos Michelle!

  31. Hey Michelle, actually my favorite video is the one I need the most right now – and that is the chest stretches for rounded shoulders. I was diagnosed in 2015 with Osteoporosis. Even though I exercise, I have noticed lately that my shoulders are more rounded forward than they used to be. I want to fix that and will continue with those stretches.
    I am 64 yr old, will be 65 in August, and I need to keep healthy and moving. I have several friends who stopped moving over the years and well, I am scared at what I have seen happen to them, and do not want it to happen to me. I do chiropractic as well, it keeps me on my feet, but I also exercise and walk daily.
    Anyway, I would just love to win your DVD for Osteoporosis exercises!! It would help me continue to do what I am doing- reducing my pain, staying on my feet and keeping active.
    Thanks so much for what you do to help us older ones stay healthy and keep going!
    Sincerely, Diane

  32. Jean Ligon PT says

    My favorite video is the one to teach Kegels to men. The advice that is given by the surgeons is often not as good as this video. Men will watch this short video rather than asking for more help. If they watch this, perhaps they will make a good recovery, avoiding the embarrassment that goes with incontinence. Men don’t like to come to us female PT’s for help, but the surgeons send them if they don’t get well without PT. Bottom line: this is great for all males, even those without\ symptoms!