Uterine Prolapse Exercises for Prolapse Strength & Prolapse Recovery

These Uterine Prolapse exercise videos and information help you: Uterine Prolapse Exercises

  • Improve your uterine prolapse support
  • Prevent prolapse worseneing
  • Reduce prolapse symptoms; and
  • Exercise safely with a prolapsed uterus

Uterine Prolapse Exercises Videos & Information

Prolapse Strengthening Exercises

General Exercise and Prolapse 

Core Abdominal Exercises and Prolapse

Strength Exercises and Prolapse

Pilates and Prolapse

Yoga and Prolapse

Uterine Prolapse Management

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How to Manage Uterine Prolapse after Childbirth

Prolapse after childbirth

Uterine prolapse after childbirth usually comes as a shock and great disappointment to the unsuspecting new mum. When the initial shock of a prolapse diagnosis subsides some women can feel quite devastated and needlessly ashamed of the change in their body. These Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy exercises and techniques can assist women with mild to moderate […]

What is a Pelvic Prolapse? Prolapse Video for Women

What is a Pelvic Prolapse? Prolapse Video for Women

What is a pelvic prolapse? A pelvic prolapse is like a hernia in the vagina where supporting tissues in the pelvis are unable to retain the pelvic organs in the correct position. One or more of the pelvic organs can move out of position with a pelvic prolapse. Your pelvic organs include your bladder, vagina, […]

How Pessaries Can Help Prolapse Symptoms And Support


Pessaries for Prolapse Management – A Non-Surgical Alternative for Some Women Are you seeking to avoid prolapse surgery? Want to reduce bothersome prolapse symptoms? Pessaries have been used for centuries by women seeking to manage pelvic prolapse. The hand carved antique bone pessary (shown right) dates back to the 1860’s and is not too different […]

12 Unsafe Abdominal Exercises for Prolapse and After Prolapse Surgery

unsafe core exercise

This article teaches you:

1. How to identify unsafe abdominal exercises that are likely to worsen your prolapse symptoms or contribute to recurrent prolapse after prolapse surgery.
2. The 3 myths you need to know if you have a prolapse, related to abdominal strength exercises.

Prolapse Exercise: Daily Prolapse Exercise Guidelines

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Prolapse Exercise Help for Women These prolapse exercise guidelines teach you the most effective way to strengthen your prolapse support and alleviate prolapse symptoms. Read on now to learn the answers to these prolapse questions: What is prolapse exercise? How can prolapse exercise help? Who can benefit from prolapse exercise? Can exercise […]

Prolapse and Exercise – General Exercise Guidelines

prolapse exercise

Prolapse and exercise-related worsening of prolapse can be avoided. How do you choose safe exercises, manage your weight and maintain your fitness if you’ve been diagnosed with a prolapse? These Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist guidelines teach you how to exercise with confidence and protect your prolapse. Read on now to learn about: Prolapse and pelvic floor […]

Prolapse and Running – How to Reduce Running Impact for Prolapse Protection

Running and prolapse

Prolapse and running Physiotherapist information teaches you all about running with a prolapse and how to reduce the impact of running on your pelvic floor. Read on now to learn: Prolapse and pelvic floor support Prolapse and running- who is most at risk? Will prolapse worsen with running? 7 great tips for pelvic floor protection […]

What is Vaginal Prolapse? What Women Need to Know

What is vaginal prolapse

What is Vaginal Prolapse ?  Vaginal prolapse is a common condition with an estimated one in two women suffering from this condition. Read on now to learn: What is vaginal prolapse? Vaginal prolapse symptoms What causes vaginal prolapse Vaginal prolapse and pregnancy Vaginal prolapse treatment for avoiding surgery Can pelvic prolapse exercise reverse vaginal prolapse? […]

Mesh Repair for Vaginal Prolapse – When Things go Wrong

Mesh repai for vaginal prolapse

Mesh repair for vaginal prolapse is a commonly performed surgical procedure… And while many women undergo successful mesh repair surgery, unfortunately mesh repair is not always without potential risks and complications. Complications of mesh repair can include painful intercourse, pelvic infection, bleeding and erosion when the mesh protrudes through the wall of the vagina. At […]

Pelvic Organ Prolapse – How to Best Protect and Strengthen a Prolapse

pelvic organ prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse self management involves prolapse exercises and ongoing prolapse protection strategies. Read on to learn the health professional answers and techniques for these frequently asked prolapse questions: What causes a vaginal prolapse? What are the symptoms of a mild and more severe prolapse? What is the treatment for a prolapse? Do kegel exercises or pelvic floor […]